Exclusive list of Korean Unisex Baby Names 2022

We’ve got to know that you’re on the Korean unisex baby names hunt, and the good news is that we’ve got everything covered for you because you’re going to dive into the most profound Korean baby Name Sea. Wows,

So, let’s grab some cool, popular, and unique Korean unisex baby names. Korean baby names offer a beautiful assortment of sounds and meanings for your cute little angel, and baby-naming in Korean culture is brimming with custom.

Unique Korean Baby Names for Boys

Here, we’ve some unique Korean baby names for your little bundle of joy. Enjoy exploring these beautiful name picks. Good luck!

Chul: This Korean-given name for boys signifies “firm,” and we like its likeness to the English word “chill” for an attractive and loose, one-syllable baby name.

Doh: It’s a word name meaning “achievement,” which is an incredible meaning to impart in your son’s life.

Geon: It has a similar sound to the name Gideon; this Korean boy’s name has three implications: “to build,” “solid,” and “regard.”

Hei: This three-letter Korean baby name means “astuteness.” It matches well with a long center name, yet even without anyone else, it says a lot.

Hwan: A Korean boy’s name with heaps of potential; it means “brilliant.”

Hyuk: This name is relatively uncommon in Korea, however undoubtedly adorable; Hyuk means “brilliant.”

Jin: An all-around adored Korean name for boys meaning “gem” or “truth.”

Kija: The name of an old-fashioned folklore figure (there’s some discussion about his crucial role, yet as indicated by a few, this second-century pioneer powerfully impacted Korean culture when he came from China), Kija likewise has Chinese roots, settling on it a particularly significant decision for a kid with both Korean and Chinese legacy.

Kwan: The name means “strong person,” and if you add a “g” to the end, the very much like the name Kwang, means “wild.” Two charming K name thoughts for your baby boy!

Kyong: A popular name for boys in Korea, it means “splendor.”

Minjun: This Korean graph clincher has been popular for quite a long time and has many meanings to cherish, including “attractive, sharp, speedy, cunning, and skilled.” No big surprise, it’s so very much adored!

Myung: Another popular Korean name for boys, this one means “clear and brilliant.”

Shin: Super sweet and frequently utilized name for Korean boys, meaning “conviction or belief.”

Tae: “An incredible individual” is a very decent meaning for your son to develop into. This one is very popular with Korean parents.

Unique Korean Baby Names for Girls

Korean names will, in general, be comprised of three syllables, with the primary syllable addressing the family name. The other two representing the given name (one syllable of this given name regularly) are known as a “generational” name. They might be divided between relatives of a similar age, while the second is novel to that individual).

For quite a while, every syllable of a name had a relating Chinese character, which also gave its meaning. Yet, as of late, increasingly more Korean families are picking to utilize a classic Korean word as a replacement.

Aera: A beautiful Korean name for girls that means “love.”

Bitna: It’s all the more once in a while utilized yet extremely incredible and sweet. Bitna means “sparkling.”

Bora: This baby girl name alludes to a shade of purple, settling on it a charming decision if you’re searching for a feminine and uncommon color name.

Dasom: Another Korean baby girl name meaning “love,” this one is extremely quiet sounding.

Hana: Similar to Hannah, the Korean adaptation means “my top choice or favorite.” Maybe a loaded decision if you have different youngsters who may disagree with the meaning; however, it’s charming!

Jae: Short and sweet baby girl name meaning “regard.”

Kyong: The strong Korean name for girls means “brilliance.”

Mi Cha: We love this two-section girls’ name, which means “stunning.” It would lend effectively to the nickname Mimi too.

Min: An exemplary Korean baby name for girls with the double meaning “keen observer, sharp-minded” or “speedy reaction.”

Nabi: It implies “butterfly,” and this lovely nature name would be an exceptionally charming decision for a little princess.

Nari: An exceptionally unique sounding Korean girls’ name that signifies “lily bloom.”

Sook: This Korean baby name signifies “natural & pure” and would be exquisitely combined with pretty much some other name.

Yong: This is a popular Korean baby girl name that implies “the never-ending and fearless one.”

Youthful: Young is an exceptional Korean name for girls that means “bold.”

Exclusive Korean Unisex Baby Names

These Korean baby names function admirably in that conventional three-syllable-name setting. They likewise mix beautifully with names from different societies (regardless of whether utilized as a first or middle name) for families hoping to give a baby name that mirrors numerous foundations.

 Korean Baby Names

If you’re thinking about a perfect and modern Korean baby name for your future bundle of joy, explore our lists of top Korean baby names for boys and girls.

Cho: An adorable one-syllable baby name given to both genders signifies “handsome” for a baby boy and “beautiful” for a baby girl. This primary yet stylish Korean baby name would likewise be valuable in the center spot.

Dae: This unisex Korean name is regularly popular in South Korea; it means “an incredible one.”

Joon: Popular for Korean boys and girls, this sweet name’s articulation may evoke summery feels and implies “exceptionally gifted.”

Popular Korean Unisex Baby Names

The most popular Korean baby name would probably be 태희 which was the top priority of many modern parents. As with many other unisex names used by both sexes, the 한자 (characters) are probably to be — but not necessarily — diverse for men and women.

Explore a few amazingly incredible Korean Unisex baby name ideas:

  1. Songhyun 성현
  2. Jimin 지민
  3. Kang 강
  4. Yoobin 유빈
  5. Soohee 수히
  6. 지현 Ji Hyun
  7. 남주 namjoo
  8. 도현 dohyun
  9. 민서 minseo
  10. Jisoo (. Joshua from SEVENTEEN’s Korean name is Jisoo, and Jisoo from BlackPink’s name is, well, Jisoo.)

These unisex baby names are just unusual Korean baby names that we picked up from different sources that we’ve researched. There are definitely other names, though.

There is an entire set of rules followed, particularly related to the name of boys having a place with every enormous gathering of kin’s.

Indeed, even with our latest information, DAE, when utilized with the Chinese character that means enormous and is in the first syllable, means first-born child in the family.

DaeThe great one; shining
DaTo attain
Dae-JungThe great one; shining
Dae-HyunThe great one; shining
Dae-HoThe great one; shining

Numerous Korean names could be unisex. Specific names are particularly used for one sex or other. Yet, other than those, numerous names could be unisex, and sometimes it has been observed that names that appeared to be male or female could really be viewed as having a place with the contrary gender because of the Chinese character that had been utilized. (Customary Korean names are made out of two Chinese characters that have specific meanings)

Uncommon Unisex Baby Names Korean

Most Korean names are unisex. There are different names (or parts of them) that must be utilized as male (for example, Joon, Hyun, Hyung, and so forth) or female (like Hee (not generally) Joo, Eun and so on).

Anyways, this is the situation if this part comes next, so you can see girls named Hyun-Ji or Joon-ah, yet you can never see a girl named Joo-Hyung or Ha-Joon. Same with the boys, you can discover boys names Hee-chan or Joo-Han. However, you can never meet a boy named Soo-hee or Ok-JA, regardless of whether you can; it’s exceptionally uncommon.

Anyway, you can discover a bundle of names for both genders, for example, No-eul, or maybe Han-eul, and different names like Ji-min, Su-Hyun, Da-Woon, and so on.

Regardless of whether the name isn’t unisex, you can discover comparative or practically same sounding names for the different genders.

Most of these names are incredibly uncommon. A moderately popular name that is utilized for the two sexes is:


Also [surname] 슬기

Last Thoughts on Korean Unisex Baby Names

Korean unisex baby names have unique sounds and meanings, yet if you didn’t track down the correct name today, there’s an entire universe of baby name inspiration out there! Here we’ve provided you a portion of our other most loved and exclusive Korean unisex baby names.

Unisex Baby Names

Have you found a perfect unisex name for your little one? If yes! Let us know your favorite chosen name. Also, we’d be happy to know the reason behind choosing that specific name. For now, we wish you the best of luck in your parenting journey ahead.

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