Exotic Yellow Baby Names for Girls

Exotic Yellow Baby Names for Girls

If you’re looking for a yellow baby name, then we’ve got you covered. Perhaps you need a golden baby name attached to your family’s legacy or a great spot you consider precious. Be that as it may, why not name your child after your most favorite color?

Exotic Yellow Baby names

What’s more, no, it doesn’t need to be that clear (even though names like Rose, Mauve, Blue, and Chartreuse are cool); you can pick a color that summons a most loved spot or memory, for example, watching the dawn on a lake or daffodils moving in the breeze. Whatever your number one symbolism or shades, picking a colorful baby name is exquisite and one of a kind.

If yellow or orange — or shades of lemon, peach, melon or goldenrod — are among your number one colors, you’re in karma. We have a lot of splendid baby name choices underneath that will be ideal for your little one.

Famous Color Names for Boys and Girls

Scarlet: A distinctive shade of red for an enthusiastic baby girl

Forest: A dull green name fit for an audacious baby boy

Primrose: A delicate shade of yellow included as a name in the Hunger Games.

Sky: A soft blue name ideal for nothing energetic baby boys and girls.  

Lilac: Modern names pick the somewhat pink option in contrast to the exemplary Violet

Cole: A popular yet exemplary masculine name signifying “coal dark.”

Hazel: An exquisite greenish-brown colored Victorian exemplary that has recovered notoriety lately

For a subtler relationship with a color you love, you can also pick names whose significance is associated with colors, regardless of whether they aren’t English words. Bianca is a beautiful Italian name signifying “white,” while Russell is a positively familiar manly name representing “redheaded or fox-colored.”

Yellow baby names for girls

From deep rosy oranges to splendid yellows, our most favorite baby girl names inspire some beautiful shades. Explore the following lists to find a perfect fit!  

Sunny Tawny

Baby Names with meanings That Evoke the Color Yellow


A stunning gemstone name roused by the golden-yellow fossilized tree sap frequently worn as jewellery. Some celebrities named ambers such as model Amber Rose, entertainer Amber Tamblyn, and kids’ book champion Amber Brown.

Yellow Baby girl names


A variant of the Spanish Juan, Juane looks like the French word for “yellow,” jaune.


A radiant, golden flower name, Marigold has a respectable space, having been picked by Sir Winston Churchill as the name for his third little girl and by Downton Abbey’s Lady Edith as the name for her youngster.


Katniss Everdeen’s sister’s sister’s delicate and shy name is both bloom and a soft yellow color frequently found in the primrose’s petals.


Not merely a kitchen’s grocery item, Saffron is the name of a character on the British T.V. show Fabulous. Duran vocalist Simon Le Bon additionally picked the name for his little girl.


The great name picked by Adam Sandler for his little girl Sunny Madeline and by Lemony Snicket for his character Sunny Baudelaire, the baby of the family portrayed in A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Sometimes utilized as a name for the goddess Demeter, this Greek name, articulated “ZAN-thee” in a real sense signifies “golden or yellow.” Variations incorporate Xantha, Zanthe, Xanthia, and Xanthipe.

Maybe fittingly, since the name sounds a little science fiction, perhaps the most noticeable use of the name Xanthe (sans the “e”) is in Piers Anthony’s Xanth books. Another Xanthe-related name can be found in character Xanthippe Voorhies in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.


Sometimes spelt “Xanthos,” this uncommon (and altogether Greek) name is shared by a Greek philosopher, Achilles’ pony, and the god Apollo—because what self-regarding god passes by only one name?

Golden Baby Names for girls


A beautiful Roman name signifies “golden one,” Aurelia was the name of Emperor Julius Caesar and artist Sylvia Plath. It was additionally the name of a character in the Christmas classic Love. If Aurelia appears to be all in all too great and genuine for a baby girl, Aurie makes a lovable nickname.


what might be compared to Aurelia, this name is most famous for its association with Marcus Aurelius, a very much respected Roman Emperor renowned for his significant commitments to the way of thinking of apathy. Aurelius was the name picked by supermodel Elle MacPherson for her baby boy.


A beautiful, sensitive name more mainstream in Britain than in the United States, the Greek Cressida signifies “gold.” In folklore, Cressida was the fickle admirer of the saint Troilus during the Trojan War. Their story has been revered in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida and stories by Boccaccio and Chaucer. In actuality, Cressida is the name of How to Train Your Dragon creator Cressida Cowell and Prince Harry’s ex Cressida Bonas. In the Hunger Games books and motion pictures, Cressida is a film director picked by District 13 to recount the Mockingjay’s story.


Like Coco, Dior is the latest fashioned color name. It is French for “golden.”


Although it sounds somewhat dated now, Gilda is an English name that in a real sense, signifies “overlaid” or “covered in gold.” It is most famous as the name of comedienne Gilda Radner.


A shimmering unisex name, Golden, was picked by Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell for their child.


An Anglicized rendition of the Yiddish Golde/Golda, Goldie is most famous as the name of cherished, bubbly entertainer Goldie Hawn. All the more as of late, it was picked by shoe designer Steve Madden for his little girl.


A beautiful name signifying “golden dawn” Oriana is a fascinating option in contrast to Aurora. It was the name of a cousin of Aldous Huxley and an artwork by Frederick Sandys. For a more limited, less complicated other option, just go for Ora.


An Irish Gaelic name initially spelt Orlaith, Orla signifies “golden princess.” It was the name of the sister, niece, and girl of amazing Irish high lord Brian Boru. A recent example is the name of Irish designer Orla Kiely.


This name, related to conveyors Orville Wright and Orville Redenbacher, brings to mind pictures of early planes and microwave popcorn. Notwithstanding, its exacting importance is “gold town.”

Orange-Inspired Baby Names


Although most color names will appear in general feminine, this manly sounding name for a pre-winter shade of red-earthy colored would be ideal for a baby boy. As a little something extra, it likewise brings to mind the all-around regarded college.

NewBorn Baby names


A sweet, lively name signifying “gentle or merciful,” Clementine is likewise the name of a sweet orange citrus organic product. Kate Winslet played a Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and celebrities including Claudia Schiffer and Ethan Hawke have picked this name for their girls.


Ginger can be short for the more drawn out name Virginia, a name that brings to mind red hair and gingerbread cookies. In recent times, the most well-known Gingers have been artist Ginger Rogers and pop star Ginger Spice (lawfully named Geri Halliwell).


An Indian name signifying “brownish” or “lion.” It is an excellent name for a kid.


A name of Turkish inception signifying “lion.” It is most broadly known as the lion’s name in the kids’ novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.

20 fun color names for yellow

Explore these fun-loving yellow baby names!

pineappletuscan sun

Baby-names that mean gold, yellow, or orange are a world-class choice, inspiring the warm sparkle of these rich, beautiful colors.

The top name meaning gold today is Aurelia, one of the army of Ancient Roman names back in style. Alongside Aurelia, names with golden implications discovering incorporate Blaine, Flavia, Orla, Paz, Aurelio and Aurelius.

A name meaning gold or yellow may be appropriate for a baby with light hair or Leo. A golden name may likewise be ideal for a baby birthed at dawn or on a splendidly bright day, or for a youngster with a golden character.

Alongside baby names that mean yellow or gold, included here are names taken from components of nature that are yellow or gold, such as Lemon and Daffodil.

20 astonishing color names for orange


Orange-and yellow names for baby boys

In Japan, yellow represents respectability and fortitude, while in China, yellow is the supreme color. Feng Shui believes yellow to be the bright, benevolent color of daylight, used to advance great wellbeing and prosperity.

Words used to depict the yellow color include bliss, joy, idealism, eagerness, trust, daylight, summer, gladness, confidence, wellbeing, inspiration, initiative, improvement, invigorating, splendid, rich.

We’ve compiled various bright names for baby boys. Explore the following lists to find out your perfect fit.

NeroliRust (varieties: Russell, Rusty)
Saffron (abbreviated to Ron)Sol (or Saul)

A Yellow Baby Name That Means Rainbow


In a real sense, a blossom sign signifies “rainbow,” Iris was the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow. Even though it was more well known a couple of ages back, the name is encountering somewhat of a resurgence.

Jude Law, Judd Apatow, and Eddie Redmayne all picked the name for their little girls. Iris is likewise the name of Irish author Iris Murdoch and The Holiday champion Iris Simpkins, played by Kate Winslet.

Cute Baby girl names

We are wrapping up!

Upbeat, brilliant, and happy yellow, so regularly connected with light, daylight, and summer specifically. Have you picked up a yellow baby name for your kiddo? Let us know in the comment section, and we’d be happy to know which yellow name melted your heart and why? Do you want to give more suggestions? Please leave a comment below, and we’d come to you with your preferred content.

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