Greek Baby Names

Greek baby names have fascinating tales to tell, with rich history and mythology built into their melodic sounds. While you won’t find an unsuitable name with traditional Greek culture, there is a world of options beyond standards like Penelope and Alex.

Greek Baby Names

Whether you have Greek lineage, you have unforgettable recollections of Greece or hit with the masterpieces, check out our list of the fantastic—and most potent—Greek baby names for your little boy or girl.

Why Choose Greek Baby Names?

Aren’t you excited to have Greek baby names for your future bundle of joy? Doubtlessly, Greek baby names have such excellent stories to reveal, with ironic history and folklore incorporated with them.

Therefore, we have a universe of Greek baby names compiled for your little one. Regardless of whether you or your spouse have Greek roots, you have unique recollections of Greece or are nearly stricken with the works of art, look at our following lists of the famous greek baby names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral names. Good luck!

Gender-neutral Greek baby names

Here we have some of the most famous Greek unisex baby names


Greek baby names for boys with meanings

Aren’t you excited to explore the most famous Greek baby names for boys with meanings? Of course, you are!

Greek Baby Names with meanings

Have a look at the following list that comprises of best greek baby names with origin and meanings.

AchillesIt is the name of a warrior in Greek history. The name came from the Greek word ‘achos,’ which signifies ‘torment.’
AdonisAdonis was a shepherd who died while chasing a wild hog in the Greek folklore. The name signifies ‘ruler.’
Adrastos            Adrastos was the name of the lord of Argos in the Greek legend. The name signifies, “not slanted to flee.”
AeolusAeolus was the Greek God of the breeze. He was the child of Helen and the sprite Orseïs.
AesonAeson was Jason’s dad. This name has Greek roots from “Aison.”
Agamemnon    Agamemnon was the sibling of Menelaus, who drove the Greek endeavor to Troy to recuperate Helen. This name signifies ‘immovable.’
Ajax     The name Ajax is excellent if you are searching for a solid boy’s name. Ajax was a Greek saint and assumed a significant job in Homer’s Iliad.
Apollo Apollo was the God of music, expressions, prediction, information, and improvement in Greek folklore. His parents were Leto and Zeus.
Ares     Ares was the homicidal Greek God of war. He was considered an untrustworthy God.
Argus  Argus came from the Greek word Argos, which signifies ‘sparkling.’ Argus was the man who manufactured the Argo and a man who had a hundred eyes.
Aristaeus            Aristaeus was the child of Apollo and Cyrene. He was the God of farming and steers.
Atlas    Atlas was a Giant, rebuffed by Zeus, by being compelled to help the sky on his shoulders.
Bacchus              Another Greek God “Dionysus.” the Romans called him “Bacchus” affectionately.
BrontesThis name was one of the three Cyclopes. The name signifies “deafening” in Greek.
CastorCastor was the twin sibling of Pollux in the Greek folklore. It is a myth that when he was deceased, his twin sibling Pollux requested Zeus to let them stay together and changed into the heavenly body.
Cephalus           Cephalus was a loyal spouse in Greek history who stayed faithful to his better half even after being approached by the Goddess Eos. It means ‘head.’
Cepheus            Cepheus was the lord of Ethiopia and the spouse of Cassiopeia in the Greek legend. After his passing, he was transformed into a star grouping into a heavenly body and set in the sky.
Cerberus            Cerberus was the name of the three-headed canine that monitored the passageway to Hades in the Greek folklore.
CharonCharon was the administrator of the ship that carried the dead to Hades. The name signifies ‘wild splendor.’
Chryses              He was the dad of Chryseis, a lady who was caught by Agamemnon during the Trojan War. It signifies ‘brilliant.’
Daedalus           He was an Athenian creator who was deported to Crete by Zeus. He prepared the Labyrinth for King Minos.
Damocles           The court’s member of Dionysius the Elder, the lord of Syracuse. His name signifies ‘the individuals.’
DamonDamon is a God from the Greek folklore, who represented trust and devotion in kinship. He threw his life into danger to save his companion.
DardanosIt was the name of Zeus and Electra’s child. Dardanos established the city of Dardania in Asia Minor.
Dionysius           He was considered the God of wine, celebrations, and gathering. This name didn’t show up in the most well-known baby name list since the previous couple of years, so it will likely make an excellent name for your kid.
Eros     Eros was the child of Aphrodite, who made the individuals begin to fall for each other. His name signifies ‘love.’
Evander             Evander was an Arcadian saint of the Trojan War who established the city of Pallantium. This name signifies ‘great man.’
Glaucus              Glaucus was the name of the Greek ocean God. The name signifies ‘pale blue-gray.
HectorThe Greek God, Hector, was prominent for being the best contender for Troy in the Trojan War. He was the child of King Priam and Queen Hecuba.
Helios  This name is of a youthful Greek sun God who rode over the sky in a chariot pulled by four ponies. It signifies ‘sun.’
Hermes               Hermes was the God of exchange and travel in the Greek folklore. Maia and Zeus were the parents of Hermes.
IacchusIt was the thoughtful name of the Greek God Dionysus. It signifies ‘to yell.’
Jason   Jason was a Greek legend popular as the pioneer of the Argonauts. It is a familiar name in America.
Koios   It was the Titan God of knowledge in Greek myths. You can also spell as Poios.
Kreios It was the name of a Titan in Greek folklore. It signifies ‘slam or male sheep.’
LeanderHe was the admirer of Hera in Greek myths. The name signifies the “lion of a man.”
Linus    Linus was the child of the God Apollo, who died in a challenge. Linus signifies ‘flax’.
Lycus   Lycus was the incredible leader of Thebes. It was additionally the name of a few different characters in Greek myths.
MelanthiosThe name came from the Greek word melas, which means dark and Anthos (which means bloom.)
Morpheus         He was considered “the God of dreams” in Greek myths. It signifies ‘shape.’
Neoptolemus  It was the name of the child of Achilles. This name signifies a ‘new war.’
Okeanos            Okeanos was the Titan, who exemplified the waterway in Greek myths. The name signifies ‘a waterway.’
Paris    Paris is recognizable as a girl’s name, yet in Greek myths, it was a boy’s name. Paris was famous for the wedding of Helen & Troy, which prompted the Trojan War.
Perseus              Perseus was a saint in the Greek legend. This name came from the Greek word ‘pertho,’ which signifies ‘to annihilate.’
Poseidon           Poseidon was the rowdy divine force of the ocean and tremors. He was the sibling of Zeus.
Proteus              It was the name of a prophetic God of the ocean in Greek folklore. The name signifies ‘first.’
Thanatos            He was supposedly “the God of death” in Greek. He lived with Hades in the hidden world.
TheseusThe name signifies ‘to set.’ He was the ruler of Athens in Greek history.
Zeus    It is one of the most famous Greek baby boy names. He was renowned as “the God of sky and thunder.”

Greek baby names for girls with meanings

Your adorable princess is going to have a Greek name? Well, that’s alluring to consider a Greek name for your little girl! Explore our list, and we are pretty much confident that you will find your favorite feminine name.

Greek Baby Names for girls
AcanthaIt is a myth that she was the fairy adored by Apollo. The name signifies ‘thistle, prickle.’
Adrasteia           It is another name of the Greek Goddess “Nemesis.” It is the ladylike type of Adrastos.
AlcippeIt was the name of Ares’ girl in Greek myths. Her dad executed Poseidon’s son when he wanted to assault her daughter. The name signifies ‘strong.’
Andromeda      It is the name of the little girl of the Queen of Ethiopia “Cassiopeia.” It is a four-syllable name, signifying ‘prompting like a man.’
AntheaIt was a nickname of the Greek Goddess Hera. It is a perfect name signifying ‘blossom.’
Aphrodite         She was considered a Greek Goddess of adoration, Hephaestus’s spouse, and Eros’s mother. The name has a Phoenician origin.
Astraea              Astraea was the Greek Goddess of equity. An adorable name for your little doll!
AthenaIt is an excellent name choice for a baby girl. Athena was the Greek Goddess of confidence, law, guile, and equity.
AtlantaShe was a lady who wouldn’t wed men who lost to her in the race, but Hippomanias defeated her.
Briseis She was the little girl of Briseus in the Greek myths. Achilles caught her during the Trojan War.
Calliope              She was famous in Greek poetry. She filled in as a motivation for the Iliad and the Odyssey.
Cassandra         She was a Trojan noblewoman in Greek legend and the girl of Priam and Hecuba. Her name signifies, “Sparkling upon man.”
Clio       She was the girl of Zeus and Mnemosyne and a Greek reminiscence of history. 
Danae She was the princess of Argos and Perseus’s mother. It is a perfect name choice for your baby girl.
Daphne              She was the girl of the Greek waterway God. The name got some popularity over the years. 
Dike     Dike was the Goddess of equity in Greek folklore. The name signifies ‘equity.’
Erato   In Greek folklore, she was one of the nine muses of Greek poetry. The name signifies ‘flawless.’
Euphrosyne      She was one of the three Beauties in Greek folklore. It signifies ‘gaiety and cheerfulness.’
EuropaShe was a Phoenician princess who got snatched, and Zeus brought her to Crete.
EvadneShe was the spouse of Capaneus, who died by a quick flash of lightning. She ended it all by hurling herself onto his body.
Gaia     She was the Goddess of Earth and the early stage divinities. She was famous as the maker of the earth and the universe.
Harmonia          She was the girl of Aphrodite and Ares. She was agreed by Zeus to become Cadmus’s better half. The name signifies ‘amicability.’
Hebe   She was the girl of Zeus and Hera and “the Goddess of youth” in Greek folklore.
HecateShe was the Goddess related to burial chambers, evil spirits, and the hidden world. Her name signifies “distant.”
Helen  She was the girl of Leda and Zeus and viewed as the loveliest lady on the planet.
Hera    She was the sovereign of paradise and the Goddess of marriage and the wife of Zeus.
Hestia She was the Goddess of the family life and household movement in the Greek folklore.
Hippolyta           She was the little girl of Ares and the sovereign of the Amazon.
Ianthe It is the name of a sea elf in Greek folklore, and the name signifies “violet bloom.”
IrisShe was the Goddess of the ocean and sky in the Greek folklore and the Gods’ envoy.
JocastaShe was the mother and spouse of Oedipus in Greek fantasy. This unusual baby name can become a perfect name for your baby.
KallistoZeus adored her and was transformed into a bear by Hera. She turned into the Great Bear star grouping.
LachesisShe was one of the three Destinies in Greek folklore. She was the person who chose how long an individual needed to live.
Larisa   She was the little girl of Pelasgus. This uncommon name can steal your heart!
Melaina              She was another sprite in Greek myths. This name sounds enchanted, isn’t that right?
MeleteShe was one of the first three dreams in the greek folklore, and her name signifies “practice, work out.”
Nyx      She was considered the Goddess of the night and the little girl of Khaos.
Penelope          She was the trustworthy spouse of Odysseus and remained loyal and faithful to him even though he was not near her. Her name represents marriage loyalty.
Phaedra             She was the spouse of Theseus, and the little girl of Minos in Greek folklore, and the name signifies ‘splendid.’
Phaenna            It is one of the Three Beauties in Greek fantasy, and the name signifies ‘sparkling.’
Phoebe              She was the little girl of Uranus and Gaia, and the name signifies ‘sparkling and splendid.’
Pistis    She represented trust in Greek folklore, and the name signifies ‘trust and confidence.’
Rhea    She was the Greek Titan and Zeus’s mother. She speaks to parenthood and richness.
SeleneShe was a famous “Greek goddess of the moon.” This name gained immense popularity in the United States for quite a while.
SemeleShe was one of the numerous admirers of Zeus, and the name sounds conventional, yet intriguing. 
TerpsichoreShe was one of the nine fantasies and the Goddess of dance and dramatizations.
TethysIt was the name of Titan of the ocean, and she was the spouse of Oceanus.
Thalia  She was one of the nine inspirations and the dream of parody and peaceful poetry.
TisiphoneIt was the name of one of the Rages, and the name signifies ‘retaliate for.’

Wrapping up!

So, have you found your favorite Greek baby name for your little one? Let us know the Greek baby names you adored the most. You can also recommend some Greek baby names with meanings in the comment section.

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