Newborn baby girl names updated

Inclusive List of Newborn Baby Girl Names- 2022

Are you searching for the best newborn baby girl names 2022? Of course, yes! That’s why you’re here, and we assure you that you’ll indeed find the best baby girl name here. 

Inclusive newborn baby girl names

Uncommon girl names are intrigued and fancy. While you will not hear them left and right, they’re unquestionably inimitable picks for parents searching for something novel. Let’s dive into the sea of newborn baby girl names and look at our top picks below!

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Newborn Baby Girl Names with Meanings and Origin

For those who are searching for something exceptional, uncommon girl names are fantastic. These names aren’t heard in each playgroup and carry a sprinkle of uniqueness to the table.

Try not to stress that a name is excessively out there, as each name was once uncommon if you do research. Regardless of whether you love long names like Esmeralda or incline toward something short novel like Aliz, we have distinctive and unique baby girl names for you.

Adele   Noble; noble kind; noble, soft, tenderGerman
Adia      NobleGerman
Agatha Good, honorableGreek
Aja        GoatIndian (Sanskrit)
Alaska  UnknownNative American
Aletta   Footloose; verity, truth; small, winged oneLatin
Aliz        Noble, exaltedGerman
Alora    My DreamAfrican
Amalia Industrious, striving; work; rival; laborious; eager.Latin
Amani  PeaceAfrican
Amaris Promised by GodHebrew
Amity   Friendship, harmonyLatin
AngeliqueMessenger; the messenger of God; angelicLatin
Anisa    Best companionArabic
Ansley Hermitage fieldEnglish
Antoinette               “A girl in bloom,” based, ultimately, on the Greek anthos, a flower.French
Arafa    KnowledgeableAfrican
Arcelia RichnessSpanish
Arden  Great forestLatin
Ariadne               Most holyGreek                                  
Ayita     HopAfrican
AzariahAided by GodHebrew
Azura   Sky blueSpanish
Basma  LaughArabic
Beatriz Voyager (through experience); contentLatin
Belinda“The majestic river,” from the Latin bella (beautiful) and Indus (a river in Asia).German
Bellamy               Lovely friendFrench
BethesdaHouse of mercyHebrew
Betsy    A little form of Elizabeth.Hebrew
Birdie   Bright, famous; little birdGerman
BrennaA little drop of water; raven or black-hairedGaelic
Calliope               Beautiful voiceGreek
Callista Cup; fairest, most beautifulLatin
Cara      Beloved; friendLatin
Carla     FreemanGerman
ClarissaBright, famousLatin
DamarisCalf; to tame; gentleLatin
Danica  Morning star; from DenmarkSlavic
Dasha   Gift of GodGreek
Deasia  Combination of De and AsiaAmerican                                            
Delia     From DelosGreek
Delora  SorrowsSpanish
Demetria“The fruitful one,” in allusion to Demeter, the Greek goddess of fruitfulness and protectors of marriage.Greek
Devyn  PoetIrish
Elodie   Marsh flowerGreek
EmeraldPrecious gemstoneSpanish               
Estelle  StarLatin
Etta       A diminutive form of Henrietta, “mistress of the home.”Italian
Faye     Loyalty; beliefFrench
Fern      FernEnglish
FlorenceFlowering, in bloomLatin
Geneva               Juniper treeFrench
Georgieabc                        Latin
GeorginaA variant form of Georgiana.Latin
Goldie  UnknownEnglish
GuadalupeWolf valleySpanish
Haisley Hazel woodsIrish
Harriet Home rulerGerman
HavanaPlace Name, HabanaSpanish
HeavenlyFrom the heavensEnglish
HollandLand on the RidgeAmerican                            
Iman     Belief, faithArabic
Imogen               MaidenIrish
Isabeau               God’s promiseHebrew
ItzayanaCreated nameSpanish
JessaHe seesHebrew
Jewel   Plaything, delightFrench
Jiya        Piece of heartIndian (Sanskrit)
JuniperJuniper treeEnglish
Juno     Queen of heavenLatin

Here, the list of newborn baby girl names expands; wow! All the best exploring these beautiful name picks for your princess.

Kamilah               PerfectArabic
KamiyahCreated nameAmerican
Karasi   Life and WisdomAfrican
Karina  LoveScandinavian
Keilani  Heaven, sky; glorious, royal onePolynesian
Kenia    Greatest championWelsh
Kesia    FavoriteAfrican
KhadijahEarly babyArabic
Khari     Queenly: Joyful Song: Born to rule and bring joy.African
Kyra      LordGreek
Lalana  PlayingIndian (Sanskrit)
Lalika    Lovely womanIndian (Sanskrit)
Larina   ProtectionLatin
Lavender               Lavender flowerEnglish
Leoni    LionLatin
Libra     The Scales, EqualityLatin
Livvy     Olive treeLatin
Lourdes               UnknownFrench
Luana   EnjoymentPolynesian
Lyanna Gracous, FieldAmerican
MagdalenaWoman from MagdalaGreek
MagnoliaMagnolia flowerEnglish                                 
Marissa               Of the seaLatin
Marixa Of the Sea or BitterSpanish
MarthaLady; mistress of the houseAramaic
Mercy  Compassion, forbearanceEnglish
MiyandaOf unknown meaningAfrican
Morena               Brown, brown-hairedSpanish

Fantastic! We’ve more unique name options for you to consider! Good luck!

Newborn baby names
Nadira  Precious, scarceArabic
Naiara  City in the Basque countrySpanish
Nala      SuccessfulAfrican
Navya  YoungIndian (Sanskrit)              
NebraskaFlatwaterNative American
Nerida Sea nymphSpanish
Niara    With utmost purposeAfrican
Noella  ChristmasFrench
Nola      “A little bell,” in allusion to the commune of Nola, in Campania, Italy, where bells of excellent quality were first made.Irish
OksanaPraise GodRussian
OmarosaMy Beautiful ChildAfrican
Oriana  SunriseLatin
Palesa  FlowerAfrican
PandoraAll giftsGreek
Paola    SmallLatin
PatienceEnduring, forbearingEnglish                                 
PriscillaAncient, venerableLatin
PromiseOne’s wordEnglish
RamonaProtecting handsSpanish
RihannaSweet BasilArabic
RosalindGentle horseGerman
Roxy     DawnPersian

Uncommon girl names come from around the globe, with colorful picks like Aja, Samiya, and Keilani, a portion of the dazzling name picks to consider.

If you explore your history, you’ll be astonished by the beautiful names that you’ll discover. You can likewise look at place-name decisions like Havana and Alaska for a scramble of standard excellence. Pretty awesome!

Safara  FireAfrican
Safiya   Friend; pureAfrican
Sahara DesertArabic
Sakina  Calm, comfort, presence of GodArabic
Salma   Peace; helmet of God; safeHebrew
Samiya High, elevatedIndian (Sanskrit)
Saniyah               Resplendence, brilliance.Arabic
Sarabi   MirageAfrican
SariyahPrincess of the lordHebrew
Saskia   The Saxon peopleSlavic
Sayda   Huntress; fortunateArabic
Shreya FavorableIndian (Sanskrit)
SimoneHear, listenHebrew
Siyanda               We Are GrowingAfrican
TarajiHope, FaithAfrican
Tendai Be Thankful To GodAfrican                 
TheodoraGod’s giftGreek
Tilly       Mighty in battleGerman
Veda    Knowledge, wisdomIndian (Sanskrit)
VenturaGood FortuneSpanish
Vienna Forest streamLatin
Viola     PurpleLatin
Violeta PurpleLatin
WaverlyMeadow of quivering aspensEnglish
Whitley               White meadowEnglish
Winter Winter seasonEnglish
Wren    UnknownEnglish
XavieraBright, splendid; a new houseSpanish
Xolani   Please ForgiveAfrican
Yassah A DanceAfrican
ZahirahBrilliant, shiningArabic
Zalika    Well-bornAfrican
Zamira Conscientious.Arabic
Zaniyah               Forever, AlwaysAztec (Nahuatl)
Ziraili     Help of GodAfrican
Zora      DawnSlavic

Unusual Baby Girl Names

Here, we’ve compiled unusual baby girl names for your little doll; explore and enjoy these following rare baby girl names! All the best!

Unique Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with A

Addilyn, Adley, Alisa, Alora, Analia, Aria, Armelle, Aviana, Aviva

Unique Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with B

Bexley, Braelynn, Brea, Brinley, Britta, Bronywyn

Individual Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with C

Calla, Camari, Cora, Corinna

Unexcelled Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with D

Danica, Darby, Delaney, Diem, Dinah

Inimitable Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with E

Effie, Elodie, Elora, Ember, Embry, Emerson

Exemplary Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with F

Farah, Farren, Fleur

Classic Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with G

Gianna, Gracen, Grecia, Greer

Unique Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with H

Hadlee, Harlyn, Hartley, Hensely

Unique Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with I

Imogen, Ina, Isa

Ideal Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with J

Jaelyn, Joslyn

Unique Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with K

Kaia, Keegan, Kinsley

Special Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with L

Laken, Larkin, Layla, Leona, Liana, Lilith

Unique Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with M

makena, Maren, Marlowe, Marisole, Mavis, Merritt, Mireya, Miya

Distinctive Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with N

Naya, Nimah

Newborn baby girl names

Unique Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with O

Oda, Ophelia, Orian

Exclusive Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with P

Paislee, Paloma, Pandora, Phayre, Priya

Unique Newborn Baby Girl Name Starting with Q


Inimitable Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with R

Ramsey, Rayna, Remi, Rhea, Rowen, Royce

Exclusive Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with S

Sena, Seraphina, Shea, Sia, Sloan, Suri, Syden

Unique Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with T

Teegan, Thea, Tinley, Trinit

Exceptional Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with U

Ulani, Uri

Matchless Newborn Baby Girl Name Starting with V


Exceptional Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with W

Waverly, Weylyn, Willa

Unique Newborn Baby Girl Name Starting with X


Distinctive Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

Yet, Yani, Yvette

Exclusive Newborn Baby Girl Names Starting with Z

Zariah, Zaylee, Zendaya, Zuri

Have you picked a name best suitable for your baby girl? We’ve another comprehensive list of newborn baby girl names here. Take a look and find your perfect fit!  

Unique newborn baby girl names with complete meanings

Are you looking for a charming and novel baby girl name for your future bundle of joy? Look no further. From Cassia to Inez, you’ll find a perfect name for your daughter.

Need to discover a unique baby name that your daughter will not impart with other children in her playgroup? These unique baby girl names deserve your attention to consider.


Even though it may help you to remember the French film Amelie, this is a unique (French) takes on the name Amelia, signifying “persevering.”


A reliable name for a powerful baby girl is the Italian type of Ariel, signifying “lioness of God.”


Just remember Bette Midler and Bette Davis; this is one of the notable mid-century baby girl names that regained its popularity. It’s the French adaptation of Betty, signifying “blessed to God.”


It’s pretty cool to remember the lovely lily regularly seen at wedding ceremonies. Or, on the other hand, go somewhat Greek with the bizarre name Calliope, signifying “beautiful voice.”


For your fiery girl, this Greek name is a cinnamon-like zest.


This sweet fruit name signifies “merciful” in Latin.


This Greek name implies something we as a whole expect in our children: “expressive of.” It can likewise be short for Alfreda or Euphemia.


This name was in vogue, harking back to the 1890s. It’s short for Evangelina (Greek), “conveyor of happy/good news,” or a variant of Eve (Hebrew), signifying “life.”


In the 1920s, Greta Garbo likely rings a bell; this name is in reality short for Gretchen — a German type of Margaret.


Just think about stunning blond star jean Harlow of the 1930s; this name signifies “defender of individuals.”


A remarkable Spanish turn on Agnes — a stylish name 100 years prior — this baby girl’s name is Greek for “pure.”


This sweet and short name signifies “earth” in Greek.


A recognizable type of Louise, this fantastic turn on the English moniker signifies “popular fighter.”


A twisted variant of “May” that is not seen so regularly nowadays, this name hit the top 100 around the mid-1900s. (Furthermore, Mae Jemison was the first African American lady in space!)


This Greek name signifies “honey.”


Other than the Riviera, this name could be short for the Basque name Nayara, signifying “swallow.”


A punchy yet beautiful girl name with character, this bloom name has heaps of adorable varieties — Popee, Popi, Poppie, Poppea.


Another stunning personality “comedy artist Colin Quinn”); this renowned name signifies “sovereign” in German and English.


This remarkable girl’s name is so incredible; the Australian vocalist passes by it alone. It could likewise be short for the Irish name Sianna (“God is generous”).


Well known in Scandinavia, this exceptional unisex name signifies “falling star.”


The famous designer Vera Wang generally becomes an inspiration for this unique name. Signifying “valid” or “confidence” and short for Elvera and Veronica in Latin and Slavic, Vera was really among the SSA’s best 100 during the 1920s.


This beautiful yellow, red, and orange flower name is as dynamic as your daughter.


If you’re a fanatic of the TV show Girls, you most likely consider Zosia Mamet when you hear this baby name. It’s staggering like Zósima, Greek for “crucial, fiery.”


Its origin is Swahili, and it is used for “beautiful,” this is a perfect and novel baby girl name.

Wrapping up

We are pretty sure that you’ve selected a perfect baby girl name for your princess. We’d be happy to know that beautiful name that melted your heart, and you considered it an excellent fit for your little doll.

Newborn baby girl names updated

 Feel free to let us know your valuable feedback about these newborn baby girl name lists because we value your feedback. Happy parenting journey! All the best!

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