Rare Unisex Baby Names

Isn’t it tempting to explore unique unisex baby names of 2022 for your bundle of joy? Of course, yes! We truly believe how difficult it tends to find a perfect name for your kiddo. There are many names to look over for boys or girls, yet unisex names are getting popular in modern parents.

The most famous unisex baby names are some of the all-time popular names that can be a great fit for both sexes. The names derived from natural sources, locations, surnames, different spellings and celebrities are on the hype.

We’ve lessened your headache of researching, shortlisting from the baby names lists and picking the right name for your future bundle of joy.  Here, we’ve more than 150 rare unisex baby name choices for your little one! Best of luck!

Rare Unisex baby names

What’s cooler than choosing a rare unisex name for your baby? Explore our detailed unisex names lists with the origin and complete meanings. Enjoy exploring your little one’s name!

Rare Unisex baby names from A-D  

NamesOrigin & Meaning
ArdenLatin roots, ‘extraordinary forest
AriOf Hebrew and Scandinavian roots, ‘lion, hawk’, or a shortening of Ariel.
ArielHebrew roots, it implies ‘lion of God’
ArmaniItalian roots it implies ‘fighter’ yet now connected to a renowned brand, Giorgio Armani.
AryaSanskrit and Persian roots, it implies ‘honorable’, got popularity by Game of Thrones.
AshShort form of Ashley or Ashton
AshleyUnisex name, traditionally used for boys, it has English roots of ‘ash tree knoll.’
AshtonIt is a surname inspired from a location name. it implies ‘ash tree town’, it got immense popularity in America
AspenIt has English roots, from the tree.
AthenaIt’s a Greek name, the goddess of knowledge.
AubreyFrom old German, it implies ‘mythical being or elf.’
AudenIt has Old English roots, ‘old companion.’
August It came from the Latin, Augustus, a title given to heads.
AveryA surname, which was itself a French way to pronounce Alfred, Old English, implies ‘ counsel.’
AvisIt is of Latin roots it means ‘fowl.’
BaileyFrom Old English, it implies ‘berry clearing’ yet additionally ‘bailiff; city fortress.’
BakerClassic English ‘baecere,’ it implies ‘cook, it is an occupation related name. 
BayFrom Latin, ‘berry’ or French ‘coppery haired.’
BellamyOld French roots, ‘attractive or delightful companion.’
BergenScandinavian and Old German roots, ‘lives on the slope; mountain.’
BevanOf Welsh roots, derived from ‘child of Evan’
BillieDerived from Bill and short variant of William
BillyDerived from Bill and diminutive of William
BlaineIt has Gaelic roots, from ‘yellow’, likely alluding to an individual with light hair.
BlairEnglish and Scottish origin, ‘child of the fields, or front line.’
BlakeClassic English, formally a moniker ‘blac’ someone who had dim hair or skin (‘blac’), or pale hair or skin (‘blaac’)

Here, the list expands… woo-hoo!!!

CaelanGaelic and Irish name, ‘slim and fine, pure and reasonable.’
CameronScottish name, ‘screwy.’
CampbellFormally a Scottish family name named for an individual with a screwy mouth, or a crooked laugh
CareyIt has Gaelic roots for ‘affection.’
CarmelIt is of Hebrew roots, ‘garden, plantation.’
Carmen Diminutive of Carmel
CarrollIt is of Old German inference, ‘free man.’
CarsonScottish, Old English, ‘child of the marsh-dwellers.’
CarterClassic English ‘one who trucks/transports merchandise’, likewise the last name
CaseyOf Irish and Gaelic roots, ‘ready, vigilant.’
DakotaLocal American roots for ‘companion/partner’, also from the US states
DaleClassic English, ‘little valley.’
DallasIrish, Gaelic and Scottish roots, ‘from the dales’, likewise a town in Scotland and city in Texas
Danaderived from the Hebrew name Daniel, ‘God is the adjudicator’ or classic English, ‘a Dane from Denmark’
DaneClassic English, ‘a Dane from Denmark’
DarbyClassic English, ‘without envy’ and the spot name, ‘park with deer.’

Rare Unisex baby names from E-H

Here, you can choose some of the beautiful unisex baby names from E-H. We hope you’ll find a suitable name for your littles. Happy parenting journey ahead!  

unisex Baby Boy names

Explore the unisex names lists and pick the right name! 

NamesOrigin and Meanings
EastonIt has English roots, and it implies ‘east-bound place.’
EddieShort form of Edward/Edwin/Edwina
EdenFrom the Biblical Garden of Eden, it implies ‘delight.’
ElliottFrom Hebrew origin, ‘Jehovah is God’
EllisFrom Hebrew, ‘Jehovah is God’
EllisonOf Hebrew roots, it implies ‘Child of Elias’
FinleyScottish & Irish roots and it implies ‘blond legend.’
FinnIrish roots and it implies ‘fair or white’, Finn MacCool (or Fionn macintosh Cuumhaill) was the best Irish folklore legend.
FlorianFrom Latin, ‘Colorful or thriving.’
GabrielHebrew roots, ‘godly man’, likewise the heavenly messenger Gabriel
GeneEnglish roots, ‘well-born’, a short form of Eugene
GenesisHebrew roots, it implies ‘roots, birth’; the main book of the Bible.
HadleyOf Old English roots, ‘heather glade.’
HarleyClassic English roots, from ‘rabbit knoll’ or ‘rock glade.’
HarlowClassic English roots, ‘armed force slope’, with a variety being Arlo
HarperEnglish, Scottish, and Irish origins and it is used for the player of a harp
HavenClassic English, ‘spot of wellbeing/safe-haven.’

We truly believe you’ve selected your baby’s name from this unisex names list and possibly if you couldn’t find a suitable name, don’t worry at all! We have a lot of other name choices for your kiddo! Explore the following lists of rare unisex baby names from I-M

Rare Unisex baby names from I-M

We’ve noticed many new parents inclined towards the unisex names that start with I-M because they have cool sounds. Pick your little one’s name from this following list.

IndigoIt is of Greek roots, and it implies ‘Indian color’, presently the color name 
JackSimilar as English name John (Hebrew), or Jacques, the French type of Jacob (Hebrew), can likewise be a shortening of Jacqueline
JackieDerived from Jack
JadeFrom Spanish for the fancy stone jade
JadenA derived form of Jade
JamesGotten from the Hebrew name Jacob, ‘supplanter.’
JamieAn induction of James
JanA derived form of John in different languages can likewise be a short form of Janet and Janice.
JaydenDoubtlessly, it is an amazing innovation (US) also, you can take inspiration from Biblical Jadon. 
KadenArabic roots, ‘partner.’
KaiKai has different roots including German (‘fighter’), Hawaiian (‘ocean’) and Welsh (‘rejoicer’)
KameronA derived form of Cameron
KeeganOf Irish and Gaelic roots, ‘little fire; impassioned.’
KeelyCeltic and Gaelic origin and it implies ‘Wonderful; attractive.’
KellyEnglish form of the old Irish Gaelic name Ceallach and it implies ‘hardship; war.’
KelseyClassic English, from a place name alluding to ‘island.’
LakeEnglish roots from the waterway
LandonClassic English, ‘long slope.’
LaneEnglish roots, ‘little street or way.’
LeahOf Hebrew roots, it implies ‘sensitive; tired.’
LeeClassic English roots, ‘knoll or field.’
LeightonOf Old English roots, ‘knoll settlement.’
LennonThe name Lennon signifies ‘Darling’ and is of Irish roots.
LennoxIt has Scottish roots, means ‘from Levenach, Scotland.’
LeslieOf Scottish and Gaelic roots and it means ‘holly garden.’
MackenzieIt has Irish and Gaelic roots that mean ‘wise ruler’s son’. Formally a family name
MaddoxOld English Welsh roots, ‘son of the benefactor.’
MadisonA derived form of Mathieson it implies Matthew’s son. Formally a family name which also used as a girl’s name. 
MarleyEnglish roots and it implies ‘boggy knoll.’
MarlowClassic English roots, ‘driftwood’, Buckinghamshire’s place name
MasonEnglish roots and it means ‘the one who works with stone.’
MaxShortening of Maximilian, Maxwell or Maxine
MaxwellClassic English roots and it is used for ‘Mack’s stream’, Mack is derived from the Latin Magnus (‘Great’)
MckennaIt has Scottish and Gaelic roots; it means ‘rise’. Formally a family name

Have you picked your baby’s unisex name from the above list? If yes, congratulations, if no, we’ve another list for your shortlisting process of your baby’s name.

Rare Unisex baby names from N-R

Here, you’ve plenty of choices for your baby’s unisex name. Explore one by one, and probably you find a great fit.

 Rare cute Baby Boy names
NamesOrigin & Meanings
NevadaFrom the Spanish origin and it implies ‘snow-shrouded’, additionally the US state.
NickyShortening of Nichola, Nicole, Nicholas
NicoShortening of Nichola, Nicole, Nicholas
NikitaIt has Greek roots, and it implies ‘unconquered.’
Oceanit is a popular English name that used for the ocean/sea.
PaytonIt is an English surname, also a location’s name Payton in Devon.
PeaceIt has middle English roots, a beautiful name that means ‘harmony.’
PerryIt has French roots, and it implies ‘pear tree’, a shortening of Peregrine.
PeytonA variant of Payton
PhoenixGreek roots and it means ‘dim red’, also a mythical bird.
Piper Classic English, from pipe player
Poet English roots, author of verse/refrain
QuinnIt is a derived form of the Irish last name Ó Cuinn; it implies ‘descendent of Conn’
RioIt has Spanish roots, and it means ‘river’, also a Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro (‘January River’)
RipleyIt has Old English roots, ‘yelling man’s glade.’
RiverAn English name inspired by nature. A perfect rare unisex name for your bundle of joy!
RoanA derived form of Rowan
RobinIt has English roots, ‘renowned, bright’, and a bird’s name. It is a beautiful, unusual name choice for your baby! 
RobynA derived form of Robin
RoryIt has Irish and Gaelic roots, and it means ‘red ruler.’
RowanIt has Gaelic roots means ‘minimal red-head’, inspired from a blooming tree with red berries.
Royal an English name, it implies ‘regal/magnificent.’
RyanGaelic roots, it implies ‘ruler.’
RyderEnglish roots and used for ‘rider, horseman.’
RylanFrom classic English, ‘land where rye is developed.’

Rare Unisex baby names from S-Z

One of our most favorite list of rare unisex baby names 2022 and we are pretty much confident that you’ve selected your desired unisex baby name for your cute one! Otherwise, explore our huge list of rare unisex baby names 2022 below.

NamesOrigin and Meanings
SkyeFrom the Isle of Skye in Scotland
SkylarIt has Dutch roots and means ‘outlaw.’
SloaneFormally, it is an Old Irish clan name that implies ‘bandit’, presently related with London’s Sloane Square.
SpencerA given name of British roots, it implies ‘steward’ or ‘head.’
SterlingIt has English roots, and it signifies ‘top notch’ (as in ‘authentic silver’)
StevieA variant of Stephen/Stephanie and other related names
StormEnglish name from the weather inspired word ‘storm.’
SunnyEnglish-roots name, formally an epithet for a kid’s personality
SuttonClassic English roots, ‘southern settlement.’
SydneyClassic English, ‘wide island’ yet besides for the Australian city
Terry Old German roots, ‘twilight summer’, also a shortening of Teresa/Theresa
TiernanSubstitute type of Tierney, Gaelic word used for ‘Ruler.’
TobinA Hebrew name which means ‘God is good.’
TobyTobias’s short form
ToniShortening of different variants of Anthony, including Antonio and Anttoni
TonyShort form of Anthony and other derived forms
ToriA Japanese name means ‘fowl’, likewise a shortening of Victoria.
TracyTaken from the Irish word ‘treasach’ and it implies ‘war-like’ or ‘contender.
TrinityLatin roots allude to the Holy Trinity in Christianity.
TristanIt has German roots, used for ‘tracker’ or ‘catcher.’
UmberIt has a French origin which means ‘shade’, painters use this reddish-brown pigment.
ValShort variant for the names comprising Valentino, Valerie
ValentineDerived from the Roman name Valentinus, that signifies ‘healthy, powerful.’
WallaceIt has Old French roots, signifying ‘Welshman.’
WesleyOld English roots, ‘western meadow.’
WestOld English, from ‘west.’
WestonOld English roots, ‘western town.’
WhitneyIt has old English origin and has the meaning of ‘White Island.’
WilderIt has a German origin; it means ‘hunter.’
ZephyrIt has Greek roots and implies ‘west wind.’

Wrapping up Rare unisex baby names

We trust you have heaps of thoughts now regarding picking the rare unisex name for your little one, with the assistance of our compiled lists of rare unisex baby names.

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In case, you have more suggestions for improving our unisex names lists; please comment below. We value your ideas and tips to make our content more valuable also we want to know your chosen unisex baby name for your kiddo 😉

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