The Ultimate French Unisex Names List Of 2022

Are you looking for a unique, pretty, and cute unisex name for your baby? Why not consider genderless names with french origin!

If you are interested in gender-neutral french names, you will find some real gems from this article.

Because this is an ultimate French unisex names list of 2022, that is updated. 

French culture contains some potential names for your baby, so enjoy browsing our latest collection of genderless names.

Cute unisex French names

Aurelie first-rate
Avelinelittle hazelnut tree
Clementineslight, compassionate
Coralie coral
Cosettesomething minor and small
Élodiedistant riches
Esmée much-loved one
Fayettea little pixie
Gisellea recruit
Inésinnocent and pure
Liloulily blossom
Manettesea of hostility
Manonderived from Madeline, which means “raised” or “wonderful”
Margot or Margauxgem
Melinelittle honey
Noelleborn on Christmas
Noémieamusing and lovely
Risettepleasant little giggle

Uncommon French unisex baby name ideas (with meanings)

French baby names incorporate numerous great names that have gained popularity exceptionally in the U.S. for its whole history.

For example, Anne and Louis, Josephine and Curtis and Charlotte and Charles, (however it might astound you to discover that Curtis isn’t just French, yet lastingly famous!).

Alaire. “thrilled,”
Archenbaud. “Brave” — something we all want our kids to be.
Bailey. “baliff, steward.”
Beau. “handsome.”
Campbell.“Attractive field.”
Jules.“Young” in the Greek custom.
Olivier.“Kind and affectionate”

Popular Unisex French Names

Popular unisex French baby names are hitting the grounds in France and other countries.

Top French girl names in the U.S. incorporate Annabelle, Charlotte, Claire, Josephine, Capucine, Darcy, Delphine, Elodie, Maribel, Oceane, Ottilie, Quincy, Romilly, Sylvie, and Sophie.

Top French boy names in the U.S. incorporate Andre, Beau, Chase, Dion, Emilien, Florent, Julius, Lionel, Montague, Pom, Quincy, Russell, and Remy. In France, famous names incorporate Louise, Manon, Jules, and Bastien.

Popular Unisex French Names

The following list contains popular gender-neutral names with french origin.

Florence (f)Cyrille
Delain, DelaineMaxime

Parents’ Pick French Names For Both Girls And Boys

France is notable for gourmet food, fine wine, and the Eiffel Tower; however, shouldn’t something be said about baby names? With regards to baby names, French are extraordinary ones to share unique baby name ideas.

The top names beneath rank among the current U.S. Top 100 Baby Names and are requested by popularity. Unique French unisex names are top 100 French unisex baby names.

cool french unisex names

In this list, we have some names for you that birth parents use to naming their babies.

So let’s have a look at french unisex names that parents pick for their newborn.


French Unisex Names For Girls

The best French baby names for baby girls are probably overwhelmingly ladylike sounding, which isn’t too surprising since the French language is so romantic and charismatic.

Yet, on the off potential for success that one thing capable of competing in this French kid names list, it’s that such a significant number of French unisex names are utilized for babies in the U.S

French Unisex Names For Girls

Below is the fantastic list of gender-neutral names, especially for girls with a French origin.


French Unisex Names For Girls with meanings

MattieIt means “sturdy in war” or “forte for battle,” which is the rebellious spirit you want for your little girl.
ZuriaThis gorgeous French girl’s name is classy, unique and irresistible. 
SidonieIt has a charming womanly ring to it when pronounced with a French accent.
Agatheits French meaning is “caring.”
RouxMeaning red in French, this valuable name is a cool mishmash of hard and pretty.
JosetteThis recent variation of Josephine is just as stunning, and the pronunciation makes it even more elegant.
ReineMeaning Queen.
BrielleThe short version of Gabrielle is super adorable. Snag it before somebody does.
AnnickThis is an uncommon name for a baby girl, but is super-unique. This French unisex name means kind and compassionate.

French Names like Juliette, Andre, and Saville are the most notable ones. You can search more French unisex baby Names beneath and pick the best suitable name for your new baby.

The below French unisex baby names are incorporated with exceptional meanings. At long last, if you’re searching for a particular baby name or nationality, you can choose from this broad list.

We are pretty much sure; you will enjoy this extended following list. Happy selecting your baby’s name!

Adriennefrom the city of Hadria
Agnèsunadulterated or holy
AliceTruth or genuineness
Améliereliable and industrious
Andréefeminine version of Andrew; courageous
Antoinettehighly admirable
BernadetteValiant as a bear
CaroleA robust woman
Catherineclean and clear
Charlottefeminine type of Charles, meaning manly
Christineadmirer of Christ
Clairestrong and bright
ColetteTriumphant one
DanielleGod is justice
Dominiquebe in the right place to the Lord
Denise the god of wine
Édithblessed with treasures
Émilieexcelling in all possessions
FrançoiseFrance or a free one
Genevièvea competition of women
IsabelleGod is my promise
JoséphineGod will enhance
Madeleinea higher tower, magnificent
Mathildeforte in battle
Michelleone who is alike God
Nathalieborn on Christmas day
Paulinemodest and small
Renéerecreated or born again
Simoneone who hears
Sophieknowing and is skilled
Sylviefrom the woodland
Thérèseto gain or to gather

Gender-Neutral French Names For Boys

Gender-Neutral French Names For Boys

Are you looking for a cool genderless french name for your baby boy? Consider this list to select one!


Unique French Names with meanings

We have gathered some fresh, unique, and famous French baby names, French baby names that are ensured to win your heart. If you have not expected a baby yet, at that point, you’ll unquestionably need to bookmark these for your future baby.

AbrielleA woman of God
AcelineA noble lady
AdalaideNoble individual
AdaleneIndividual of aristocracy
AdalineKind-hearted one
AdelleLittle form of Adeline
AmalieCareful and curious
AiméeAdored and nurturing one
AneliseKeen to God
AnnetteA modified of Hannah
AudetteA bird
AuroreGoddes of dawn; golden and energetic
AuroretteDifference of Aurore
AviceA shelter in battle
AvignonA city in Southeaster France
Avriel/Avril/AvryllSpring and April
BlaiseDerived from the Greek word, Basilius, meaning regal or majestic
BlisseEnjoyment or joy
Camilleflawless and perfect
CezanneA big flower
ChantaeA fragrant song
ChantalA pebble for building
ClarettePure and bright
Davignonextremely loved person
ÉdelieHaving high values
ElayneA ray of nimble
Elloisewell-known in war
Eulaliea well-spoken or sweet-speaking individual
Fabiennea bean farmer
Fleurineto flow or tiny flower
Garcellelittle spike
Geneveof the competition of women; a city in Switzerland
Givernya French town
Hughettebright in concentration and soul
Marlèneelegant star of the sea
Maëllemonarch, determined
Nadeleinea glimmer of hope
NinetteGod’s valued talent
Océanemeans sea
Odetteironic and wealthy
Rochellewoman who is like a tower of strength
RosaleeGarden full of rosettes
Saloméfrom the Hebrew meaning harmony
Severinea strict person
Seychellean isle
Sidoniesupporter of Saint Denys
Solangeearnest or religious
Zéliemother of St. Therese of Lisieux

French Genderless Names With Meanings

French Genderless Names With Meanings

The following list contains famous french names with meanings that you can use for both girls and boys.

Name                   Meaning
Tre,                  The third-born child
Therese            Harvester
Wallace            A Welshman or A Celt
Shantell            Stony place
Delanie              A dark challenger from the woods
Crescent            A variant of Crescens
Courtenay         means “From the court.”
Davignon           Dearly loved person 
Creasy                 Graceful; Pleasant; Kind
Chandler            A candle-maker and seller
Cheney               Growing from the Oak grove
Deor                   A beloved baby; golden one
Troy                   Son of a foot-soldier
Do                       a confident person
Dejah                  A fun-loving person; a pleasant one
Toulouse            One who relates to the city Tolosa
Dior                   Golden; one who has an open heart
Georgette          The person who works with plants, seeds, and soil.
Gabriell              Heroine of God 
Darell                 Word for huckleberry; beloved 
Darel                   One from the Airelle; Lovely 
Coeur                 The heart
Zuri                   Good or Beaut
Travis                 To cross over
El                        Derived from Eleanor 
Valentin             Strength or Health
Coty                    Helpful; Shield; Protective individual
Trais                   The numeric Three
Valery                    Strength or Health
Taylor                    A cutter; occupational name for a tailor
Tayelor                   An occupational name for a tailor
Chevis                      A thick-bodied Fish
Chandelle                Everlasting candle
Shantel                   Stony place
Sydnea                    A person from a wide island
Sheryl                   Dear one

That is the place these French unisex baby names prove to be useful. They all have French background or are the French renditions of names we’re more acquainted with. Amandine, for instance, is the French variant of Amanda. Also, the name Noé is the French form of a name we’ve cherished for quite a long time — Noah

If you’re searching for genderless name, ideally, this comprised list of French names will rouse you as you look for the ideal name for your baby kid to-be.

WOOHOO! Updated List

Name          Meaning
Stella            Star of the sea
Simone        One who is heard. A French and English girl name, while it is used as a male name in Italy
Spencer        Dispenser of provisions
Sinclaire        A name of prayer, one who prays
Sasha           A helper and defender of humanity
Rivera          Someone who lives near the River
Holly           Plant With Red Berries 
Rusti           , A variation of Rusty, means a person with a redhead
Celestine      Based on Caelestis; a heavenly person 
Mortimer       A still water, motion-less water
Louvain         Place name, the town in Belgium
Jade           A pet form of name Jadon, Hebrew – Thankful; Jade is Green Gemstone;
Remy           A person who is an oarsman. Can also mean a remedy, cure
Gabriel          God is my strength
Chandell        A candle
Avignon         the one who belongs to France
Adrianna        From harida
Cezanne        Name of an artist seeking freedom
Aubert            Rule of an Elf; powerful and kind-hearted
Celestina        A heavenly or a celestial individual
Jules            The word means enthusiastic. They are quiet, mild, and have a fun side. They are easy to agree.
Bijou            Jewel
Maine            French word for mainland
Domenique     It means someone unique and special
Alvia             “Noble war” their tender, friendly, productive and spontaneous nature attracts people 
Gervaise         Person who is working for a spear.
Erembourc    A French imaginary character who rides umbrae.
Amelot Arthur’s Castle 
Chayce A huntsman
Matisse Matthew; one who is the gift of God

New Names Of January 2022

Name         Meaning
Myrl           Variation of Merle which means Blackbird or Of the Sea
Belot           A name of a card game
Lavern           A land of trees, Woodland
Noe            Relaxation or harmony or concord.
Sacha            The defender, A helper of men
Kari       As a female name Kari means Black haired one in Gaelic or Nordic Free Woman.
Esmae             French word meaning respected.
Leonidem        Someone with lion-like qualities.
Jonatha           They are very moody and have the best skills in communication. They quickly encourage and motivate others with their speaking skills.
Savon             Soapmaker
Rémy A remedy
Parrish  A habitational name; a guardian and loyal person
Marquette Land Owner; A French habitational name
Rema              A profoundly loving and sensitive person
Michon             The precious talent for the highest God.
Outacite Another name for a man-killer
Platt            One who comes from the flatlands
Romy             A person from Rome, or can also mean Rosemary
Patrice A noble patrician being; clear-sighted
Quincy   Estate of the fifth son 

Wrapping Up!

With regards to the French, there isn’t a lot of we don’t cherish. From their comfortable design sense to their lived-in magnificence, their stylish indoors, and entirely flawed engaging style is remarkably incredible.

Who wouldn’t have any desire to impart a portion of that je ne sais quoi in their babies?

If you have any other unisex name suggestions, we will be delighted to know it. Please share it in the comments section!

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