Top 300 Unisex Baby Names for your Kiddo

Finding an ideal name for your future bundle of joy will be extremely tough for new parents. However, gender neutral names reduce your headaches of selecting the best name for your baby boy or baby girl because they can be used for both genders.

Some ancient well-liked unisex baby names will be used for each gender. The top 300 unisex baby names are being inspired by the character, world places, surnames, and fashionable spelling variations; initial names will also be used.

We’ve compiled a vast collection of top 300 unisex baby names alphabetically with a quick outline of their origin and meaning.

300 Unisex Baby Names

Popular Unisex Baby Names 2022

We’ve enclosed a number of the most popular gender-neutral baby names as well as a number of the foremost unique unisex names like Andie, Shae, and Hayden. Good luck exploring these unique and popular unisex baby names 2021!  You can dive into the sea of the top 300 unisex baby names list below:

  1. Addison

Old English roots, means ‘Child of Adam’

  • Adrian

Inspired from the Latin name Adrianus or Hadrianus or can be associated with the old river Adria

  • Aiden

Of Gaelic origin, signifying ‘fire.’

  • Ainsley

Scottish roots, signifying ‘one’s own meadow.’

  • Alex

From the Greek roots, it means ‘defender.’

  • Alfie

Short version of Alfred, from Old English Aelfraed signifying ‘counsel,’ ‘wise,’ ‘elf.’

  • Ali

From Arabic origin, it means ‘exalted, noble.’

  • Amory

Old German roots, means ‘brave, powerful,’ variation of Emory

  • Andie

Variation of Andy

  1. Andy

Short form of Andrew/Andrea from the Greek poem Andreas

  1. Angel

Greek roots, from an angel, means ‘God’s messengers.’

  1. Archer

From the surname, signifying ‘Bowman,’ now it is a popular given name. another innovation Archie was made by Harry and Meghan

  1. Arden

Latin roots, means ‘great forest

  1. Ari

Of Hebrew and Scandinavian roots, it means ‘lion, eagle,’ or a Short form of Ariel

  1. Ariel

Hebrew roots, signifying ‘lion of God’

  1. Armani

Italian roots signifying ‘warrior’ but now referred to the world-class fashion designer Giorgio Armani.

  1. Arya

Sanskrit and Persian roots signifying of ‘noble,’ but also popularized by Game of Thrones.

  1. Ash

Short form of Ashley or Ashton

  1. Ashley

A beautiful Unisex name commonly used for boys, English roots, means ‘Ash tree meadow.’

  • Ashton

Famous surname used in the USA and derived from a place name signifying ‘ash tree town.’

  • Aspen

English roots mean ‘from the tree.’

  • Athena

Greek origin means ‘the goddess of wisdom.’

  • Aubrey

From old German origin, signifying ‘elf or magical being.’

  • Auden

Of Old English roots, means ‘old friend.’

  • August

From the Latin roots, Augustus, a title specified to monarchs

  • Avery

Inspired by a French pronunciation of Alfred. Old English roots, signifying ‘elf counsel.’

  • Avis

Of Latin roots signifying ‘bird.’

  • Bailey

From Old English origin signifying ‘berry clearing’ but also ‘bailiff; city fortification.’

  • Baker

Derived from Old English word ‘baecere,’ signifying ‘baker, a popular occupational name

  • Bay

From Latin roots, it means ‘berry’ or French form implies ‘auburn-haired.’

  • Bellamy

Old French roots, means ‘attractive or beautiful friend.’

  • Bergen

Scandinavian and Old German roots, means ‘lives on the hill; mountain.’

  • Bevan

Of Welsh roots, means ‘son of Evan’

  • Billie

Another form of Bill and small version of William

  • Billy

A cute version of Bill and another form of William

  • Blaine

Gaelic origin, means ‘yellow,’ probably denoting a blonde-haired person

  • Blair

English and Scottish origin, means ‘Kid of the field, plains, or battlefield.’

  • Blake

Old English roots, ‘blac’ can be a great nickname for someone with dark hair or skin or ‘blaac’ for pale hair or skin.

  • Blue

It’s a color name, more popular in modern parents.

  • Bobby

Firstly a unique nickname for Robert

  • Bowie

This great unisex name is a surname of Gaelic and Scottish roots, which means ‘yellow,’ ‘fair-haired.’

  • Brady

Irish and Gaelic roots, ‘descendant of Brádach,’ which itself possibly means ‘lively’ or ‘broad.’

  • Brennan

Of Irish and Gaelic roots, ‘teardrop.’

  • Brent

Old English origin, means ‘high place, steep hill.’

  • Brett

From Celtic and French origin, it signifies Breton or somebody from Brittany, France.

  • Briar

Old English roots from the thorny shrub. also, Briar Rose was the princess in Sleeping Beauty

  • Brighton

English roots, means ‘bright town,’ also the metropolis on the south shore of England.

  • Britton

Old English, meaning ‘from Britain’

  • Brooke

Old English and Old German roots from ‘water/small stream.’

  • Brooklyn

Old English origin, means ‘small stream’ but also got inspiration from the New York City borough.

Awesome Unisex Baby Names 2022

Good luck exploring these unique unisex baby names 2022!

BrooksOld English and Old German origin, means ‘water, small stream.’
CaelanGaelic and Irish origin, means ‘slender and fine, fair or pure.’
CameronScottish origin, means ‘crooked.’
CampbellThis beautiful Scottish surname can be used for a person with a crooked smile/mouth.
CareyOf Gaelic roots, it means ‘love.’
CarmelIt is of Hebrew roots, means ‘garden, orchard.’
CarmenA modern innovation on Carmel
CarrollOf Old German origin, ‘free man.’
CarsonScottish and Old English origin, means ‘son of the marsh-dwellers.’
CarterThis surname has an old English origin, which means ‘one who transports/carts goods’
CaseyOf Irish and Gaelic roots, it means ‘alert, watchful.’
CassidyIrish origin, means ‘curly haired one.’
ChanceMiddle English roots, means ‘good fortune.’
ChanningEnglish and Old German roots, means ‘young wolf; official of the church.’
CharleyIt can be used as a beautiful nickname for Charles, Charlotte, or Charlene
Charliea beautiful nickname for Charlene, Charles, or Charlotte
ChrisShort form of Christopher/Christine/Christian
ClayA short version of Clayton
ClaytonOld English means ‘clay settlement.’
CodyIrish and Gaelic roots, signifying ‘helper.’
ColeOld English origin, means ‘swarthy, coal-black.’
CoreyUncertain roots, could be from a Norse surname or the Gaelic Coire (‘cauldron/ a seething pool/hollow’)
DakotaNative American roots mean ‘friend/ally’; there are also the US states such as North Dakota, South Dakota.
DaleOld English means ‘small valley.’
DallasIrish, Gaelic and Scottish roots, means ‘from the dales,’ also a town in Scotland and metropolitan in Texas.
DanaHebrew variation of Daniel, means ‘God is the judge’ or old English, ‘a Dane from Denmark.’
DaneOld English origin, ‘a Dane from Denmark’
DarbyOld English, means ‘without envy’ and the place name, ‘deer park.’
DarylDerived from French surname (‘from Airelle,’ a town in Calvados)
DawsonOld English surname signifying ‘son of David’
DeltaGreek roots, means ‘mouth of a river
DenverOld English and French roots, ‘green valley,’ contemporary use may refer to the city.
DevinFrom ‘bard’ or from the French ‘divin’, Irish and Gaelic roots signify ‘divine.’
DorianGreek roots, means ‘from Doris’, a place in Greece
DrewOf Greek roots signifying ‘strong and manly
DylanWelsh roots, means ‘son of the sea,’ a mythical Welsh hero
EastonEnglish roots signifying ‘east-facing place.’
EddieShort for Edward/Edwina/ Edwin
EdenFrom the Biblical Garden, signifying ‘delight.’
ElliottFrom Hebrew, implies ‘Jehovah is God’
EllisFrom Hebrew, it means ‘Jehovah is God’
EllisonOf Hebrew roots signifying ‘Son of Elias’
EmberEnglish, signifying ‘Spark, Lighting Low.’
EmersonOld English, from the last name ‘Emery’s son.’
EmeryGerman roots signifying ‘Brave; powerful.’
EmoryVariant of Emery
ErinIrish and Gaelic roots, from a graceful word for ‘Ireland.’
EvelynA feminine name of English roots signifying ‘wished for child.’
EzraA boy’s name of Hebrew roots signifying ‘help.’
FinleyScottish, Irish roots signifying ‘fair-haired hero.’

Unique Unisex Names with Meaning

  1. Finn

Irish roots signifying ‘fair or white,’ Finn MacCool (or Fionn mac Cuumhaill) was the popular hero of Irish mythos.

  1. Florian

From Latin origin, it means ‘Flowery or prosperous.’

  1. Flynn

Irish and Gaelic origin, ‘successor of Flann,’ another name signifying ‘reddish or ruddy.’

  1. Francis

Latin roots, means ‘Frenchman.’

  1. Frankie

Short form of Frances, Francis, Frank or Francesca

  1. Gabriel

Hebrew roots, means ‘man of God,’ also the angel Gabriel

  1. Gene

English roots, means ‘well-born,’ short form of Eugene

  1. Genesis

Hebrew roots, signifying ‘roots, birth’; the first book of the Bible

  1. George

Greek roots from ‘George’s signifying ’tiller of the soil.’

  1. Glen

Gotten from the Gaelic word ‘gleana,’ signifying valley

  1. Grey

Old English roots, from the color name, denoting ‘grey hair or beard.’

  1. Hadley

Of Old English roots, means ‘heather meadow.’

  1. Harley

Old English roots, means ‘rabbit meadow’ or ‘rock meadow.’

  1. Harlow

Old English roots, means ‘army hill,’ with a different variation such as Arlo.

  1. Harper

English, Scottish, and Irish origin, means “the player of a harp.”

  1. Haven

Old English, ‘place of safety/sanctuary.’

  1. Hayden

Old English, before it was a surname, ‘hedged valley.’

  1. Henry

It has German roots and means ‘Ruler of the home.’

  1. Honour

From Latin origin, a virtue name

  1. Hudson

Old English roots, means ‘son of Hugh’

  1. Hunter

English roots, signifying ‘one who hunts.’

  1. Indigo

Of Greek roots, signifying ‘Indian dye,’ also a color name

  1. Jack

English name derived from John (Hebrew origin), or Jacques, the French type of Jacob (Hebrew origin), can also be a Short form of Jacqueline.

  1. Jackie

Variation of Jack

  1. Jade

Spanish origin and used for the ornamental stone “jade.”

  1. Jaden

A variation of Jade

  1. James

Gotten from the Hebrew name Jacob, means ‘supplanter.’

  1. Jamie

An origin of James

  1. Jan

A variant of John in different languages, a short form of Janet and Janice

  1. Jayden

Considered to be a modern invented US name, but Jadon is also a Biblical name.

  1. Jean

Of Hebrew roots, variation of John/Jane

  1. Jesse

Of Hebrew roots, it means ‘the Lord exists,’ short form of Jessica

  1. Jessie

Of Hebrew roots, means ‘the Lord is real, short form of Jessica

  1. Jody

a developed form of Judy/Judith, and a Short form for Joseph or Josephine

  1. Jordan

It has Hebrew roots and is used for ‘down flowing, a famous river in the Middle East.

  1. Jude

Greek roots, signifying ‘praised.’

  1. Jules

French roots, variation of Julius/Julian, could also be a Short form of Julie.

  1. Julian

From Latin roots, it means ‘youthful.’ used as a clan by several powerful Roman emperors used this clan in the form of Julius.

  1. Kaden

Arabic roots, means ‘companion.’

  1. Kai

Various roots including German (‘warrior’), Welsh (‘rejoicer’), and Hawaiian (‘sea’)

  1. Kameron

A variation of Cameron

  1. Keegan

Of Irish and Gaelic roots, it means ‘small flame; ardent.’

  1. Keely

Celtic and Gaelic signifying ‘Beautiful; handsome.’

  1. Kelly

English form of the early Irish Gaelic name Ceallach, signifying ‘strife; war.’

  1. Kelsey

Old English, from a place name denoting to ‘island.’

  1. Kendall

Of Old English roots, means ‘the Kent canal valley,’ probably ‘bright river valley.’

  1. Kennedy

From two Gaelic words signifying ‘chieftain’ and ‘helmet ,’ a popular first name is gotten from the surname.

  1. Kerry

Irish and Gaelic roots, means ‘black-haired.’

  1. Kim

Short version of names like Kimberley and Kimball

  1. Kit

Many Christian parents use this as a nickname for their little one:)

Cool Gender Neutral Names

Best of luck exploring these cool gender-neutral baby names!

KylarVariation of Kyle
KyleOf Gaelic roots, means ‘narrow, straight’, mentioning places, such as a strait or peninsula.
KylinPerhaps a variation of Kylie (Australian, ‘boomerang’)
KyrieOf Greek roots, it means ‘Lord,’ also the Christian supplication Kyrie eleison signifying ‘Lord, have mercy.
LakeEnglish roots, means ‘from the body of water
LandonOld English, means ‘long hill.’
LaneEnglish roots, means ‘small road or path.’
LeahOf Hebrew roots, signifying ‘delicate; weary.’
LeeOld English roots, means ‘meadow or pasture.’
LeightonOf Old English roots, means ‘meadow settlement.’
LennonThe beautiful Irish name means ‘Dear one.’
LennoxScottish roots, means ‘from Levenach, Scotland.’
LeslieOf Scottish and Gaelic roots, means ‘holly garden.’
LincolnOf old English origin and means ‘Lake Colony.’ English city and early Roman establishment, also inspired from US president Abraham Lincoln
LindenEnglish roots, nature name. Also, a tree name
LindsayScottish roots, means ‘a lake; where linden trees are grown.’
LoganOf Gaelic roots, signifying ‘hollow.’
London A beautiful unisex name inspired by a city name
LonnieOld German roots, from Alonzo, means ‘ready for battle.’
LorenLatin roots, means ‘from Laurentum.’
LouFrom Louis or Louise
MackenzieIrish and Gaelic roots, means ‘fire-born; wise ruler’s son.’ Also, a beautiful surname.
MaddoxAnglo-Welsh roots, means ‘benefactor’s son.’
MadisonA variation of Mathieson signifies Matthew’s son. a given surname got popularity as a girl’s name by film Splash
MarleyEnglish roots signifying ‘marshy meadow.’
MarlowOld English roots, means ‘driftwood,’ also the name of Buckinghamshire’s place.
MasonEnglish roots, means ‘one who works with stone.’
MaxShort form of Maximilian, Maxwell, or Maxine
MaxwellThe old English word means ‘Mack’s stream,’ perhaps derived from the Latin Magnus (‘prodigious’)
MckennaA surname of Scottish and Gaelic roots, means ‘ascend.’
MckenzieA beautiful surname; Of Scottish roots, means ‘the fair one
MicahOf Hebrew roots, ‘who is like God?’
MichaelOf Hebrew roots, it means ‘who is like God?
MilanOf Slavic roots means ‘gracious, dear,’ or originated from the Italian city. Also, a Celtic word signifying ‘mid-plain.’
MillerEnglish occupational name from ‘one who works in the mill.’
MonroeScottish surname signifying ‘from the mouth of the [River] Roe.’
MontanaOf Latin roots for ‘mountain,’ also a famous US state
MorganWelsh and Old English roots, means ‘circling ocean or excessive brightness; cheerful or white sea dweller.’
MurphyOf Irish roots signifying ‘sea warrior.’
NevadaFrom the Spanish word “nevada” signifying ‘snow-covered’, also a renowned US state.
NickyShort form of Nicole, Nichola, Nicholas.
NicoShort form of Nichola, Nicholas, Nicole.
NikitaOf Greek roots, signifying ‘unconquered.’
NoelFrom the Old French ‘noel, nael,’ signifying ‘Christmas.’
NoelleFrom the Old French ‘noel, nael’ signifying ‘Christmas.’
NolanOf Irish and Gaelic roots means ‘champion.’
NovaIn Latin origin, it is used for new; Nova is a star that emits massive amounts of light and energy.
OceanModern parents’ choice; English name used for the sea/ocean
OwenA traditional Welsh name signifies ‘well born, noble’ or ‘young warrior.’
PaigeEnglish roots with a meaning of a young servant

Modern Gender Neutral Names

Good luck exploring these modern, gender-neutral names for 2021! Let us know your favorite pick!

  • Paisley

It has Scottish roots also, inspired by the patterned fabric finished in Paisley.

  • Paris

Prince of Troy from Greek folklore, also France’ capital

  • Parker

Old English surname means ‘park keeper.’

  • Pat

Short form of Patricia/Patrick

  • Payton

Maybe from the English surname, also derived from the place-name Payton in Devon.

  • Peace

A virtue name with English roots means ‘peace.’

  • Perry

Of French roots, signifying ‘pear tree,’ also a Short form of Peregrine

  • Peyton

Variation on Payton

  • Phoenix

It has Greek roots and means ‘dark red’, also the mythical bird that grown up from its own ashes.

  • Piper

Old English means ‘from pipe player.’

  • Poet

English roots, writer of poetry/verse.

  • Quincy

Of Old French roots, ‘estate of the fifth son.

  • Quinn

A unique version of the Irish surname Ó Cuinn, signifying ‘descendent of Conn.’

  • Raleigh

Old English roots, and the signifying ‘roe deer’s meadow.’

  • Ramsey

The old English name, ‘raven island; ram island.’

  • Raphael

Of Hebrew roots signifying ‘God has healed,’ with different variations (Rafael, Raffaello, etc.)

  • Ray

A shortened version of Raymond/Rachael

  • Rayne

Latin origin, signifying ‘queen; guidance; song.’ Rain is another nature name.

  • Reagan

Gaelic surname signifying ‘little ruler’ now also popular as a given name

  • Reed

English roots, can be a nickname-derived surname denoting a person’s skin or hair being red.

  • Reese

Of Welsh roots signifying ‘enthusiasm.’

  • Regan

Variation of Reagan

  • Remi

French roots, means ‘from Rheims’

  • Remington

Old English roots, means ‘raven-family town’. You can get influenced by a famous TV character Remington Steele.

  • Remy

French name originated from a vague Latin personal name (Remigius) signifying ‘oarsman.’

  • Rene

Short form of Renee, Irene, Renata

  • Riley

Of Irish and Gaelic roots signifying ‘courageous.’ In English roots it means ‘rye clearing.’

  • Rio

Of Spanish roots, means ‘river’, eminently used in the Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro (‘January River’)

  • Ripley

Of Old English roots, ‘shouting man’s meadow.’

  • River

An English nature name mainly a male name but getting immense popularity among girls.

  • Roan

A version of Rowan

  • Robin

Of English roots, means ‘famous, bright’, also a bird’s name

  • Robyn

Another version of Robin

  • Rory

Of Irish and Gaelic roots, it means ‘red king.’

  • Rowan

Of Gaelic roots means ‘little red-headed; Rowan is also a flowering tree with red berries.

  • Royal

English roots, signifying ‘royal/regal.’

  • Ryan

Gaelic roots, signifying ‘king.’

  • Ryder

It has English roots and means ‘rider, horseman.’

  • Rylan

Old English origin, means ‘land where one can grow rye.’

  • Sage

Of Latin roots, ‘wise’ or plant name from the herb

  • Sailor

English roots, occupational name, means ‘one who sails.’

  • Salem

Arabic and Hebrew roots, means ‘Peace’, also the place in Jerusalem

  • Sam

Short form of Samuel and Samantha

  • Sasha

Greek roots, means ‘man’s defender, warrior.’

  • Sawyer

English roots signifying ‘woodcutter.’

  • Sean

Irish variation of John or French Jean and has Hebrew origin. It means ‘God is gracious.’

  • Shae

Gaelic roots, signifying ‘admirable.’

  • Shannon

Of Gaelic roots, ‘old, ancient,’ also a prominent place name in Ireland

  • Shawn

A variation of Sean

  • Shay

A variation of Shae

Unique unisex baby names

We wish you Good luck exploring these unique unisex baby names with meanings and origins.

NamesMeaning and Origin
ShilohOf Hebrew roots, signifying ‘His reward.’
SidneyOf Old English roots, means ‘wide meadow.’
SkyeOriginated from the Island of Skye in Scotland
SkylarOf Dutch roots means ‘fugitive.’
SloaneOriginally, it is the anglicized form of an Old Irish clan name signifying ‘raider,’ now associated with London’s Sloane Square.
SpencerThis given name has British roots, signifying ‘steward’ or ‘administrator.’
SterlingOf English roots, ‘of the utmost quality (as in ‘pure silver)
StevieSource of Stephen/Stephanie
StormA weather name from the English word ‘storm.’
SunnyEnglish-roots name, the best nickname for a bright child
SuttonOld English roots, means ‘southern settlement.’
SydneyOld English, ‘wide-ranging island’ but also an Australian city
TannerOld English roots, means leather-maker
TateMiddle English roots, means ‘cheerful,’ linked to Norwegian ‘Tait.’
TatumOf Old English roots, signifying ‘Tate’s homestead’ or a ‘cheerful giver of happiness
TaylorMiddle English, from the tailor
TeaganIrish roots, ‘good-looking; poet, philosopher.’
TennesseeIt has US origin, but it has Creek and Cherokee words with unknown meaning
TennysonMiddle English roots, ‘Dennis’ son,’ influenced from a poet Lord Tennyson
TeriAnother form of Terry, sometimes a Short form of Teresa/Theresa
TerryOld German roots, ‘late summer,’ sometimes a Short form of Teresa/Theresa
TiernanAnother form of Tierney, the Gaelic word used for ‘Lord.’
TobinA Hebrew name means ‘God is good.’
TobyShort form of Tobias
ToniShort form of Anthony, Antonio, and Anttoni
TonyAnthony’s Short form and variation s
ToriA version derived from Japanese (‘bird’), also a Short form of Victoria
TracyTaken from the Irish word ‘treasach’ signifying ‘war-like or ‘fighter.’
TrinityLatin roots, refers to the Holy Trinity in the Christian faith
TristanOf Celtic roots, ‘tumult; outcry,’ a character from Arthurian legend and the primitive tale Tristan and Isolde.
TrueEnglish roots, ‘real, genuine
TylerOld English origin, ‘one who makes tiles’, from the French ‘tieulier/tieuleor’
UmberFrench roots, ‘shade,’ painters use this reddish-brown colorant
ValDiminutive for amazing names including Valerie, Valentino
ValentineDerived from the Roman name Valentinus, it means ‘healthy, strong.’
VeniceLatin roots, derived from the place name Venice
VickAn alternate form of Victor/Victoria
WallaceOf Old French roots, signifying ‘Welshman.’
WesleyOld English roots, ‘western meadow.’
WestOld English, from ‘west.’
WestonOld English roots, ‘western town.’
WhitneyOf Old English roots, ‘white island.’
WilderOf German roots, for ‘hunter’ or ‘trapper.’
WindsorOld English roots, ‘riverbank with a winch,’ place name, and British royal family’s surname
WynnOf Old English roots, ‘friend,’ also a Welsh version, means ‘fair, white.’
WinterOld English, a season’s name
WisdomEnglish roots, a quality name, signifying ‘intelligent person.’
WrenOld English roots, little brown songbird
WyattFrom Old English, signifying ‘war strength.’
ZephyrOf Greek roots, signifying ‘west wind.’

Over to you!

We strongly believe that you’ve got numerous name pick ideas to find the perfect name for your kiddo with the list of the top unisex baby names. However, if you feel we’ve not included your favorite unisex baby name in our list, let us know in the comment section.

Happy parenting journey!

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