Unique Uncommon Baby Girl Names (2022)- Ideal fit for our little princess:)

Maybe, you’ve purchased all the baby name books at a book shop or have been saving bookmarked pages on the Internet. Finding the beautiful name for your cute little doll can be, however, a fantastic job as it seems to be exhausting and overpowering as well.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a baby girl name or a baby boy name (or both!), namesot.com is here to assist with searching for the best and unique baby names:

Rare Badass Girl Names

Uncommon girl-names If you’re searching for an unusual baby girl name that will help your cute little doll to be distinctive in school or college, then you should look no farther than our unique baby girl names for your little girl. With names that are short, charming, pretty, and unique, there are many uncommon names for you to consider.

IoneGreek, means ‘violet.’ Additionally, the name of a kind of orchid.
OpheliaGreek, means ‘help.’ Lead character from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.
AxelleGreek, means ‘father of harmony.’ All the more ordinarily utilized in French-and Flemish-speaking countries.
WinonaIndian, means ‘first-conceived daughter’. Entertainer Winona Ryder is named after her birthplace, Winona, in Missouri, USA.
ZosiaGreek, means ‘wisdom.’ Entertainer Zosia Mamet is known for her incredible roles in Mad Men, Parenthood, and Girls.
AfricaCeltic origin means ‘charming,’ just as the name of the giant continent.
BreaA shortened type of Brianna, means ‘solid,’ yet utilized in its own right. Additionally, the name of a god in old Irish folklore.
AldaGerman, means ‘old’ or ‘prosperous.’ St Alda was an Italian spiritualist in the 11th century who dealt with the sick people.

Bizarre Baby Girl Names

We are pretty much sure that you’ll find your perfect baby girl name here! Best of luck!

Daya – Hebrew, means ‘fledgling of prey.’

Larsen – Scandinavian, means ‘child of Lars.’

Vanetta – Greek, an option of Vanessa, means ‘like a butterfly.’

Wanda – Slavic means ‘clan of the hoodlums’. Princess Wanda was a sovereign of Poland in the eighth century.

Yusia – Arabic, means ‘achievement.’

Xiu – Chinese, means ‘exquisite.’

Araceli – Spanish, means ‘special stepped area of Heaven.’

Trixie – A shortened type of Beatrix, means ‘favored’ or ‘explorer.’

Pia – Latin, means ‘devout.’

Soraya – a Persian, means ‘princess.’

Gigi – A shortened type of Georgina, means ‘rancher.’

Robust and Unique Girl Names

These following robust and unique baby girl names of 2022 will melt your heart for sure

LyraLatin, means ‘lyre.’ The focal character in Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials’ trilogy.
DecemberLatin, means ’10th month’.
EnolaNative American, means ‘singular.’
GianinaHebrew, means ‘God’s generosity. Once in a while connected with the town of Ioannina in Greece.
OceaneInspired by the actual sea, this stylish French name has begun to turn into England’s top choice. The name additionally relates to the antiquated Greek Oceanus, God of the ocean, fantastic, right?
AlohiVariant of the Hawaiian greeting Aloha, means ‘love and warmth.’ usually prevalent in the USA.
TulliaLatin, means ‘destined for brilliance.’
SafiyyaArabic, means ‘earnest companion.’ Additionally, the name of one of Prophet Muhammad’s spouses.
MaeveIrish Gaelic means ‘inebriating.’ Renowned Maeves include Queen Maeve from Irish folklore, writer Maeve Binchy and author Maeve Brennan.
ZaharaArabic, means ‘blossoming and sparkling.’ The most acclaimed Zahara is the girl of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Most Unique Girl Names 2022 in the World

While shortlisting uncommon baby girl names, you may be considering what the best baby girl names are. Look at this curated following list of the unique baby girl names, as you may locate the best name for your kiddo among these unique names.

IantheGreek, means ‘purple blossom.’ Additionally, the name of a character in old Greek folklore.
Katjaan amazing beautiful turn on Kate. An upscale variant of a conventional name, we love the fantastic way cool this name is!
XoeyVariant of Zoe, means ‘life.’ Regularly utilized as a spelling variety for Zoe or Zoey.
OrianaLatin, means ‘unfolding.’ Oriana was the nickname for Queen Elizabeth I.
VitaLatin, means ‘life.’ Frequently used to allude to a holy person’s life story or their memoir.
EloraGreek means is ‘light’ and in Hebrew ‘God is Light’
SierraSpanish, means ‘saw.’
MyraLatin, means ‘scented oil.’ Popular Myras: legal advisor Myra Bradwell and musician Myra Hess.
UlaCeltic origin means ‘diamond of the ocean.’ Likewise, the name of a Manchu clan from China.
ArellaHebrew, means ‘heavenly messenger.’ All the more are usually popular in the USA.
OdeliaHebrew, means ‘I will commend the Lord’. Likewise, an eighth-century French holy person.
YeseniaArabic, means ‘blossom’. The name was designed during the 1970s for a Spanish-language TV creation.
VenusLatin origin, venus is derived from the old-fashioned Roman goddess of sexuality and richness. Additionally, it is the name of the planet.
ErmaGerman, means ‘universal’. Erma Franklin, the sister of soul legend Aretha Franklin, was an American gospel artist.
InezSpanish, means ‘pure’. Additionally, a spelling variety of Agnes.
SantanaSpanish, means ‘heavenly.’ Typically connected with the male guitar legend Carlos Santana.
ZeliaScandinavian, means ‘daylight.’

Pretty Unique Girl Names

Pretty unique girl names for your pretty daughter! Good luck exploring these awesome baby girl names!  

Soleil – French, means ‘sun.’

Ysabel – English, means ‘God’s guarantee.’ Frequently utilized as a spelling option in contrast to Isabel.

Lorelei – German, means ‘risky stone.’

Opal – Sanskrit means ‘jewel.’ A gemstone made of this mineral, noted for its rich luminosity.

Eulalia – Greek, means ‘sweet-talking’. St Eulalia was a Spanish virgin who was martyred for her confidence.

Cyan – English name. They are frequently connected with the pale blue-green tone.

Yanira – Hawaiian means ‘pretty.’ Likewise, the name of a character in old Greek folklore.

Zamia – Greek, means ‘pine cone.’ Likewise, the name of a plant.

Wilhelmina – Old German, means ‘solid willed fighter.’

Shoshana – Hebrew, means ‘lily.’

Kimana – Native American, means ‘butterfly.’

Cute Uncommon Baby Girl Names

These cute uncommon baby girl names are too rare not to share! Enjoy exploring this beautiful baby girl names list. Best of luck!

Uncommon Baby Girl Names

PeonyGreek origin, from the blossom of a similar name.
XyliaGreek, means ‘from the forested areas.’
OralieFrench name which means ‘golden.’ Oralia Dominguez is a Mexican opera vocalist.
NolaIrish Gaelic root, Latin means ‘white shoulder’. Additionally, a city and region in Italy.
VeronaLatin, abbreviated type of Veronica. From the city of a similar name in Italy.
ZemiraHebrew, means ‘charming tune.’ A show by Francesco Bianchi.
SloaneIrish Gaelic, means ‘man of arms.’ Generally connected with Sloane Square in London, after which the Sloane Rangers are named.
YolandaSpanish, means ‘violet blossom.’ There have been a few rulers of Europe known as Yolanda.
ThaliaGreek, means ‘sprouting.’ There are about six antiquated Greek dreams, sprites, and graces who share the name Thalia.
StarEnglish, means ‘star.’
UrielaHebrew, means ‘holy messenger of light.’
XenaGreek, means ‘outsider.’ The prominence of this name rose after the achievement of Xena: Warrior Princess.
WillaGerman, means ‘head protector.’ American Willa Cather was a Pulitzer Prize-winning creator.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a charming girl name starting with a, like Amelie, an awesome girl name like Elodie, or an extraordinary name from around the globe like Margot or Adelina, locate the perfect name for your baby with our lists of best unusual baby girl names here.

Unique Girl Names with Meanings

Explore these following unique girl names with meanings and find a perfect fit for your little princess!

Unique and uncommon baby names
NamesMeanings & origin
RaeA shortened type of Rachel, means ‘ewe.’ Rae Armantrout is known for her verse and academic composition.
NoraA shortened type of Eleanor, means ‘light,’ utilized in its own right. Nora Roberts is an American writer who has composed more than 200 romance books, some under aliases.
AdiaVariant of Ada, means ‘enhancement.’ It is generally connected with the tune ‘Adia.’
EarlaEnglish, means ‘pioneer.’ Likewise, a variety of the German name Herlinde means ‘shield.’
LowriWelsh, means ‘delegated with trees.’ Lowri Turner is a TV moderator.
CosetteFrench, means ‘individuals of triumph.’ Likewise the champion in Les Misérables.
PrielaHebrew, means ‘God’s creation.’
TahiraArabic, means ‘virginal.’
FenellaIrish Gaelic, means ‘white shoulder.’
NemiItalian name, derived from the pool of a similar name.
ZiaArabic, means ‘light and wonder.’
YelenaGreek, means ‘splendid and picked.’ Incredibly famous name in Russia and Ukraine.
SukeyA shortened type of Susan, means ‘lily.’
RosabelContraction of Rose and Belle, means ‘beautiful rose.’ Most are usually popular in the USA.

Beautiful Rare Girl Names

Haven’t you find your ideal name for your little doll? The following will definitely be a great fit! All the best!

Zinnia – Latin, means ‘blossom.’

Milena – Czech, means ‘love and warmth.’

Ozette – Native American, also a town’s name.

Isadora – Latin, means ‘gift of Isis.’

Afia – Arabic, means ‘a kid brought into the world on Friday’.

Harmony – English, means ‘harmony.’

Nalani – Hawaiian means ‘quietness of the skies’.

Xanadu – A city in Mongolia. Xanadu was the late spring capital of Kubla Khan’s domain.

Zorina – Slavic, means ‘brilliant.’

Wynne – Welsh, means ‘exceptionally honored.’

Yeva – Hebrew variation of Eve, means ‘life.’

Romola – Latin, means ‘Roman lady.’

Una – Latin, means ‘one.’

Wilma – German, means ‘security.’

Thandie – Arabic, means ‘thanksgiving.’

Vittoria – Variation of Victoria, means ‘triumph.’ All the more regularly utilized in Italian-talking networks.

Wrapping Up Unique Uncommon Baby Girl Names! 

Which unique, uncommon baby girl name took your heart? Have you chosen an excellent name for your baby doll? Which unusual name has the beautiful meaning that inspired you the most? Let us know in the comment section, and we’d be happy to know your favorite name pick for your princess!

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Good luck with your little princess:)

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