Unisex Baby Names Starting with B – The Exact List you’d expect ;)

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Hunting for a unisex baby name that starts with B? Unisex baby names are a perfect decision for a baby, regardless of its gender. Names like Brooklyn, Blake, and Bailey are currently popular; you can also explore unisex names like Beverly or Bryce.

Whether you’re intrigued by finding an uncommon unisex baby name starting with B for some specific reasons, or you simply love “B-sounding names,” we’ve everything covered for you. You just need to scroll down to find some extra-unique names starting with B.

Most Popular Unisex Baby Names That Start With B

Aren’t you excited to explore this exclusive list of unisex baby names starting with B? we also want to know your enthusiasm in the comments below, BEST OF LUCK!!!


Exclusive list of Unisex Names Starting with B

Exclusive list of Unisex Names Starting with B

Alongside Brooklyn and Bailey, unisex baby names that start with B and rank in the US Top 500 for either boys or girls incorporate Blake, Brady, Bradley, and Blair.

Interesting B-beginning unisex names that are reasonably equally parted between the genders incorporate Brighton and Blue. Two to watch in this classification are quick risers Briar and Bowie, which has a blast in prevalence following the artist’s sad passing in January 2016.

Explore these amazing lists of unisex names starting with B here. The below top names rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are requested by notoriety. Notable names rank underneath the Top 1000 and are recorded one after another in order.

NamesOrigin & MeaningsDescription
BenjaminHebrew, “child of the correct hand.”Benjamin is gotten from the Hebrew name Binyamin, from the components ben, signifying “child” and Yamin, “right hand.” Nicknames for Benjamin incorporate Ben, Benny, Benji, and Benno.
BrooklynSpot nameOutrageous makeover: Brooklyn has gone from jokey Borough Boy name during the 1990s to the main girls’ name beginning with B.
BennettEnglish, middle-age type of Benedict, “favored.”Bennett is Ben with a tie, sort of a combination of Benjamin and Beckett. It’s been moving up on the ubiquity outlines as of late, and its decision by The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Jane Krakowski could shoot it much higher.
BrookEnglish, “of the brook.”Surname name, nature name, and word name, with a more masculine inclination than Brook or Brooklyn. Creeks Robinson was one of the best third basemen ever, playing for the Baltimore Orioles from 1955 until 1977.
BraxtonEnglish, “Brock’s settlement.”Braxton entered the prominence positions in 1985 and has been climbing consistently from that point onward. It has acquired from the almighty X-factor, and maybe likewise from the unscripted television show, Braxton Family Values, highlighting artist Toni and her sisters Traci, Towanda, Trina, and Tamar.
BentleyEnglish, “glade with coarse grass.”Bentley, a to some degree stodgy British surname, recently related basically with an unbelievably costly English vehicle, has had a new flood in notoriety.
BeauFrench, “attractive”Frequently exclusively a nickname before, it’s presently standing immovably all alone. Playmate has been on the Social Security list relentless since 1969.
BaileyWord-related name, “law master, bailiff.”Bailey’s as yet an engaging decision, however, and a big name fave. Parents of little girls named Bailey incorporate Scot Baio and Stella McCartney.
BrookeEnglish, “little stream.”Since a long time ago, Brooke extended an atmosphere of smooth refinement and can likewise be viewed as a snazzy water name.
BeckettEnglish and Irish, “colony, little stream or honey bee house.”Beckett is one of the large baby name hits of the decade.
BlakeEnglish, “blond, dim.”The unisex Blake, which surely has two clashing meanings, has an energetically proficient picture when utilized for a girl.
BodhiSanskrit, “arousing, illumination.”Bodhi is a Sanskrit name deciphered as “edification” or “arousing,” which identifies with a Buddhist idea. Bodhi is inseparable from the condition of nirvana liberated from disdain, insatiability, and sense of self. Spelling variations incorporate Bodie and Bode.
BlairScottish, “inhabitant on the plain”In the USA, Blair is acquiring force. In England and Wales, Blair is inconceivably disliked for girls, sitting great external the Top 2000.
BakerEnglish word related surnameA lot fresher sounding than others that have been around for some time, similar to Cooper, and Carter.
BoNorse nickname, “to live.”A famous name in Denmark, in this country Bo has some cowboy strut and a ton of substance in its negligible two letters. In Mandarin Chinese, Bo signifies “wave.”
BriarEnglish, “a thorny patch.”Fantasy recollections of Sleeping Beauty move a few parents—like Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen—to call their girls Briar Rose.
BraelynModern invented nameQuite possibly the most girlish branches of Braeden.
BrixtonEnglish spot nameBrixton, an earlier harsh however now cool-and-gentrified space of London, is likewise acquiring notice as a baby name, particularly for boys. Around 20 baby girls were given the name in the US in the latest year, versus around 300 baby boys.
BlaireSpelling variety of BlairBlair with a little bonus; however, that is not really required.
BellamyEnglish and Irish from French, “fine companion.”Bellamy is a surname name with a moral significance and peppy beat, like joyful decisions like Rafferty, Barnaby, and Willoughby.
BentleeSpelling variety of BentleyAggravated the popular – ee postfix. If you have your heart set on this name, consider going with the first spelling.
BridgerEnglish “lives close to the scaffold.”Bridger has the in vogue two-syllables, and ‘er’ finishing and a chronicled reference to Jim Bridger, a preeminent nineteenth-century frontiersman, pilgrim, catcher, scout, and teller of fanciful stories.
BlessingWord nameBlessing is among the Top 1000 girls’ names in the UK and, as of late, joined the positions in the US too. As one of the profound names, an in-vogue classification, it’s probably going to ascend in prevalence.
BabyEnglish word name, diminutive of Barbara, Latin, “unfamiliar lady.”Nowadays, baby is infrequently seen as a given name — or even nickname — even though it was positioned in the Top 1000 from 1989 to 2003. In any case, more compelling during this decade was the 1987 film Dirty Dancing, featuring Jennifer Gray as Frances “Baby” Houseman. It’s the beginning of the famous line, “No one places Baby in a corner.”

Amazing Unisex Baby Names Starting with B

Amazing Unisex Baby Names Starting with B

In case you want to explore the most amazing B-starting unisex baby names for your little one, here, we’ve perfect fits for you. HOORAY!!!

NamesOrigin & MeaningsDescription
BaezSpanish surnameConceivable music legend decision with suggestions of Joan Baez’s social dissident folkie persona.
BaileyWord related name, “law authority, bailiff.”Bailey – a jolly surname – was first utilized for a female TV character in 1978 in the show WKRP in Cincinnati, no doubt. Bailey’s as yet an engaging decision, however, and a big name fave. Parents of little girls named Bailey incorporate Scot Baio and Stella McCartney.
BalaSanskrit, “youthful”Bala is a unisex name in India, yet it will probably be seen as more feminine in the West. In its feminine structure, Bala is related to the little girl of the red goddess, Lalitha Parameshwari.
BaldwinGerman, “bold companion.”Essayist James Baldwin could settle on this an uplifting decision for a child of one or the other sex.
BallouFrench, “from Bellou”Strange surname with rambunctious quality.
BanjoWord nameWhen entertainer Rachel Griffiths picked this profoundly uncommon name for her child, many accepted it was a peculiar development. However, a prominent Australian writer (Griffiths is an Aussie) is known by this name.
BanksWord name and surnameBanks as a girls’ name was brought into the dictionary by entertainer Hilary Duff and artist Matthew Koma, who picked it for their girl, Banks Violet.
BannerEnglish word related name, “banner carrier.”Leather treater with a B, yet a decision with enough appeal and haul to rise above its in-vogue roots.
BaoChinese, “treasure, gem.”The name presented here using Chinese film has center spot potential.
BardouFrench spot name; Old English name, “hatchet wolf.”Bardou is an occasion objective in France, known for its picturesque town settled in the mountains. It is additionally an area of Guinea. As a name, it is all the more regularly known from its English deduction, which means hatchet employing wolf.
BarrettGerman, “bear strength.”A masculine-sounding surname that children may mistake for a barrette.
BarrieFeminine variety of Barry, “skewer.”The sort of cutesy female twist not mainstream since Barry was huge for boys a very long while back. Consider Bara all things being equal.
BarryIrish, “stick”Obsolete for a boy, creative for a girl.
BasilGreek, “lofty”For quite a long time, Basil assumed the atmosphere of hooked-nosed high society Britishness of Sherlock Holmes portrayer Basil Rathbone, at that point spiced with the fragrant smell of the spice that entered with the Pesto age.
SoundLatin, “berry”Perhaps the most usable of the wonderful, recently embraced nature/water names (like Lake and Ocean), particularly in the center position.
BayanKurdish, Kazakh, “morning; lady.”An uncommon yet rising unisex name — utilized all the more regularly on baby girls.
BayarMongolian, “satisfaction”A solid unisex choice with an uplifting meaning.
BayleeSpelling variety of word-related name Bailey, “law authority, bailiff.”This Bailey variety is the second most mainstream spelling for girls, and keeping in mind that the – ee finishing makes it more feminine, it feels more significant in the first structure. Bailee and Bayley are two other, more uncommon other options.
BayleyWord-related name, “law master, bailiff.”Spelling this name with a y rather than the customary way – Bailey – makes it a bit more feminine and furthermore adds a dash of water. Baylee is another mainstream feminine other option.
BaylorEnglish, “horse mentor.”Baylor is a potential word-related option in contrast to the drained Taylor, particularly for a pony darling.
BaylyNature nameA lethargic and hot southern decision that is an unquestionably cool unisex name.
Bayou  Nature nameWith the tide coming in on another rush of word names, this one could possibly get on, particularly for parents who relish sun, sand, and surf. Timberland darlings can spell it Beech, similar to the tree.
BazeEnglish, “signal light.”A word name with engaging and enlightening importance.
BeanWord nameThe unisex word name Bean, an inaccessible cousin of the scandalous Apple, was utilized for the name of a child of baffling sex in Louise Penny’s tale “A Rule Against Murder.”
Beat  French, “attractive”Playmate proposes somebody naughtily attractive, with a huge proportion of southern appeal—a decent picture to offer on your boy.
BechetFrench surnameNaming babies for personal heroes is the cool contemporary trend followed by Woody Allen when he honored New Orleans jazz clarinetist Sidney Bechet in his daughter’s name.
BeckShort form of Rebecca or English, “one living beside a small stream.”Although the single-named singer is male, this might be a girl’s nickname name or a sleek nature name that’s perfect in the middle.
BeckettEnglish and Irish, “bee hive, little brook or bee cottage.”Beckett is one of the big baby name hits of the decade.
BeigeColor nameNice sound, colorless image.
BelaCzech, “white”Since this is strictly a male name in Slavic cultures, better to stick with the “Bella” spelling here.
BellEnglish and Scottish occupational name, “ringer of the bell.”These days, it’s more likely you’d call your daughter the popular Belle or Bella.
BellamyEnglish and Irish from French, “fine friend.”Bellamy is a surname name with an admirable meaning and upbeat rhythm, similar to jovial choices like Rafferty, Barnaby, and Willoughby.

Cool Unisex Baby Names Starting with B

Cool Unisex Baby Names Starting with B

Are you ready to explore these cool unisex baby names for your kiddo? Let us know your favorite B-letter unisex baby name in the comments.


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Unisex baby names are trendier these days, paying little attention to baby’s sex and just go for it! We are pretty much sure that you have found your favorite B-starting unisex name that is, cool, glorious, and meaningful at the same time. We’d really happy to know that you have selected and explored these unisex names starting with B! Good luck with your journey with your baby! 

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