Incredible List of Unisex Baby Names Starting with C – 2021

Finding a perfect unisex baby name that starts with C isn’t so easy. Still, we’ve come up with great, unique, and popular lists of unisex baby names starting with C. you’ll get an enormous collection of trending to more traditional and unique unisex baby names here that have been in your families for generations.

Currently, popular names include Cameron, Charlie, and Carson, but also look at classic C names like Christian and Cory. Whatever type of name you’re looking for, we can assist you in finding that.

Unique C-names for Babies


Explore the following unique Unisex Baby Names That Start With C

Unisex Baby Names That Start With C

Awesome Unisex Baby Names that Start with C


Explore this list of awesome unisex baby names starting with C. BEST OF LUCK!!!


Source: Scottish type of Columba, Latin

Significance: “dove”


It was derived from Latin Columba, a unisex first name that means “dove.” Callum was widespread among early Christians. As a result of the dove was an emblem of purity, peace, and also the Holy Soul. St. Columba was one of the foremost authoritative of the first Celtic saints.


Source: English

Significance: “helpful, pillow.”

Explanation :

In the early 1990s, it was ranked among the top 25 hottest boys’ names within the USA; however, it’s been in decline since then. It retains a larger degree of recognition within Britain. However, it may be short for Dakota; despite its nickname feeling, it is a super-unique name.


Source: English name related to occupation

Significance: “barrel maker.”


The preppy Cooper was one of the primary occupational last names to choose, and it remains an attractive option to consider.


Source: Spanish variation of Carmel

Significance: “garden”


It has been related to Bizet’s opera’s esthetical, tragic heroine, associated with the novel “Prosper Merimee” for a long time. The celebrity baby name world also picked this classic Spanish name for baby girls; Hilaria and Alec Baldwin employed it for their princess.


Source: French

Significance: “to hunt.”


With its sleek and ultra-prosperous aura, Chase is mindful of the worlds of finance and international banking. It has been well used throughout the previous few decades, seen as a personality on twenty-four and many young-audience shows.


Source: French variation of Camilla

Significance: “young ceremonial attendant.”


just simply the sound of the name Camille might begin individuals coughing, recalling the tragic woman of the Camellias, the heroine played by an actress within the Greta Garbo supported a Dumas story. However, that image has a light, replaced by a lustrous, stylish, lovely one.


Source: Irish

Significance: “hounds’ lover.”


This appealing name of the legendary king of Ulster in Irish mythology is a perfect fit for your little monarch. And it sits firmly in the top 100 unisex baby names with alternate spellings. In its native country Ireland, the Conor version is one of the best charting boys’ names.


Source: Greek

Significance: “follower of Christ.”


Christian has decreased its rankings from its 90’s and 00’s peak; however, it’s still quite widespread. Once thought-about to an extremely pious, Christian is currently seen as creating a daring statement of religion by some, whereas conjointly having profane charm for others, maybe influenced by such celebrities as Christian Bale and Christian slater, not to mention the style world’s fashion designer, Lacroix, Louboutin, and Audigier.


Source: Diminutive of Charles or Charlotte

Significance: “free-man”


One of the welcoming male nickname names is Sam–currently used for girls: in 2015. it stratified higher on the girl’s list than on the boy’s list for the first time, which creates Charlie one in every popular gender-neutral name nowadays. The feminine name has been jumping up the charts since it resurfaced, after 50-year hibernation, in 2005.

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Astonishing Unisex Baby Names Starting with “C”      


We’ve no idea what type of name you’re looking for? If you’re searching for unisex baby names starting with C here, you’ll find more than you expect. Maybe you’re inspired by its origin or the names given to royal babies; we appreciated your decision of choosing a C-name for your little. Good Luck exploring these amazing names picks.

Cactus                                  A plant that grows in the desertCade                                     One who is round
Caden                                  A battle girlCadence                                               Rhythmic and harmonious; a pleasant-sounding woman
Caelan                                 SlenderCain                                      A spear
Caitlyn                                 PureCaleb                                   Whole-Hearted; Truthful; Dog (Jewish)
Callie                                   A lovely girlCamden                                               Of the surrounded valley
Camilla / Camille                                               A ceremonial attendant; a honorable virginCampbell                                               Having a crooked mouth
Camron                / Camryn / Camren / Camrynn                                                               The one who has a crooked noseCandace                                               A queen / one who is fair & glowing
Candy                                  A sweet girlCannon                                               Canon ; a clergyman
Cara                                      One who is extremely loved / a decent friendCarey                                   From the river / from the hill’s fort
Cari                                       Free manCarissa                                 A woman of elegance
Carlo                                    Free manCarlos                                  Free man
Carmel                                Garden; orchard; vineyardCarmello                                               From the garden (a reference to mounting carmel in the holy land)
Carmelo                                               Garden; orchardCarmine                                               A beautiful song / the color crimson
Carolina                                               Free manCaroll                                   Cheerful song; a small but strong woman
Carrey                                  From the river / having dark featuresCarrol                                   Joyous song; a small, powerful woman
Carroll                                 Blissful song; a small, resilient womanCarry                                    From the stream / from the hill fort / possessing dark features
Cary                                      From the river / from the fort on the hill / having dark featuresCasandra                                               An unnoticed prophetess
Casey                                   A heedful womanCash                                     Cash ; profit
Casie                                    A vigilant womanCason                                   A seer
Cassey                                 A attentive womanCassidy                                Curly
Cassie                                  A observant womanCatalina                                               Pure
Cathleen                                               PureCathy                                   Pure
Cattle                                   It means the person who manages his cattleCavall                                   The dog of King Artur’s
Cayden                                One who is round / of the caskCecelia                                One who is blind ; patron saint of music
Cecil                                     BlindCeleste                                               A heavenly daughter
Celestyn                                               One who came from heavenCelia                                     Heaven ; blind

Unique Unisex Baby Names that Start with C

Explore these amazing lists of unique unisex baby names that start with C.

Celina                                  In the old mythology, the name of the daughters of atlas who became a star.Celt                                       A popular name in the Welsh community
Chadwick                                               From chadChaim                                  Alive
Chance                                One who takes risksChandler                                               Candle seller
Channa                                like a flower/ blossom / a blissful womanChanning                                               A church’s official / resembling with a young wolf
Chantal                                               Place of stonesChantel                                               Stony place
Chantell                                               SongChantelle                                               Stony place
Charis                                  Grace ; charmCharity                                One of the three graces in greek folklore
Charmaine                                               SongChase                                   A hunts- man
Chasity                                ChastityCheri                                    Dear one
Cherie                                 DarlingCheryl                                  Darling
Cheyenne                                               Unintelligible speakerChina                                   Qin’s kingdom
Chiquita                                               Small oneChriss                                   One who bears Christ inside
Christen                                               Follower of christChristi                                  Follower of christ
Christia                                               Follower of christChristian                                               Follower of christ
Christie                                               Follower of christChristin                                               Follower of christ
Chrystal                                               CrystalCian                                      Ancient
Ciara                                     A dark beautyCielo                                    Heaven
Ciera                                    DarkCierra                                   A dark beauty
Cinthia                                Woman from kynthosClaire                                   Bright or clear
Clarence                                               Of clareClark                                     A cleric ; a clerk
Claude                                 One who is lameClaudia                                One who is lame claudelle , Gladys

Gender Neutral Baby Names Starting with C


When it involves naming your baby, parents have many things to consider while naming their newborns, be it family heritage, nature, culture, or maybe one letter. And during this case, that letter is “C”!

Perhaps you would like all siblings to share the identical initial letter, or you simply like the design of the letter. Look at our list of unisex baby names starting with C:

Unisex Baby Names That begin With C


The name Chris means different things, as well as “anointed.” It’s a classic C-name that suits your adorable baby.


The name suggests that victorious one and is of Arabic Source. This amazing name might even be tied to your culture or history or love for travel.


The Irish Gaelic name means “vigilant” or “watchful,” creating a good potential name for a first little one.


This gender-neutral C-name is of Scottish Source and suggests “crooked nose.” Whereas the meaning might not be the foremost ideal, but the most important thing is the feeling of the name.


Cypress is of Greek Source and represents the cypress tree. A perfect idea for your adorable one!


Cadyn is a trendy, fictitious name. So, it might create a good name selection for fogeys searching for distinctive or unconventional baby names.


It signifies a free person; it is one of the super sweet unisex baby names possibility. It might even be spelled, Charlie.


To continue our list of androgynous names that begin with C, Cory is an English name, which implies “from the spherical hill, agitated pool, or ravine.” If this gender-neutral baby name takes you to a peaceful place, it may be a decent competition.


It means tiny slope or incline, just like the above name Cory, Coty is of French Source. It’s conjointly a short and sweet, 4-letter baby name.


Cyan is a unique color baby name and represents a light, blue-green hue. It has American Source.

Gender Neutral Names that Start with C

Unisex names that begin with the letter C embrace gender-neutral choices that rank among the baby names almost equally divided between the genders: cute Charlie, classic mythologist and Clarke, and exotic Cypress.

Carter is the most popular unisex name starting with C for either gender. Along with the name Carter, alternative gender-neutral C names in America include Christian, Cameron, Carter, Cooper, and Charlie.

Unisex baby names starting with C are super unique to choose from, and our list includes cool selections drawn from geography (Cuba, Camden), from nature (Cloud, Clove), from antiquity (Cato, Calypso), and from all over in between!

Clay                                      Of the earthCleo                                      Glory + father
Clinton                                From the town on the hillClyde                                   Heard from afar
Coby                                     SupplanterCohen                                  Priest
Coleman                                             Skinned or coal miner                                   Colleen                                               Young lady
Collin / Colin                    A young man; of the triumphant peopleConner                                Wise
Connor / Conor                                A wolf loverConrad                                Honest or brave advisor
Constance                                          SteadfastConstantine                                      One who is steadfast ; firm dinos
Consuelo                                            One who offers consolationCooper                                A red- headed woman
Cora                                      MaidenCoral                                    Resembling the semiprecious sea growth ; from the reef
Corbin                                 A steep hillCordell                                Maker of cord
Cordero                                              Like a lambCorey / Correy                                                 From the hollow; of the churning waters
Cori / Corinne                                  Maiden                               Cornelius                                           Horn ; horned
Cornell                                Horn ; horned                   Corri                                     Dweller near a hollow
Corrie                                  MaidenCorry                                    From the hollow; of the churning waters
Cortez                                  A courteous manCortney                                               From the court
Cory                                      From the hollow; of the churning watersCoty                                      From the riverbank
Courtland                                           Short landCristal                                  Crystal
Cristen / Cristin / Cristina                                               Follower of XXXhrist                      Cruz                                      Cross
Cullen                                  ChieftainCurtis                                   Courteous
Cydney                                Wide meadowCynthia                                               From kynthos

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Surprising Unisex Baby Names Starting With C

Here, our comprehensive list of unisex baby names starting with C. here, we’ve compiled the top-ranked baby names in America. Below distinctive names rank in 1000 unisex baby names and are listed alphabetically.

Let’s explore the unique unisex baby names beginning with C, best suitable for your little one.


Source: Gaelic

Significance: “rock”


Callen could be an awesome unisex Gaelic name getting hype nowadays. Its new trendiness is probably associated with the Chris O’Donnell character on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” famous solely as G. Callen. Jazz musician Cal Tjader’s full name is Callen.


Source: Irish

Significance: “bright-headed”


Callahan, the easy spellings of Callaghan, could be a measured jig of a reputation whose history harks back to the traditional King of Munster. In the Dirty Harry movies, the Clint Eastwood character is Harry Callahan.


Source: Gaelic

Significance: “descendent of Cathalan.”


Irish surname cognomen Ó Cathaláin. It is an extremely popular name in the European country.


Source: Plains Indian

Significance: “people of a special language.”


The name of a brave tribe, Cheyenne became quite popular in the 1990s, inspiring different spellings—Shyanne is one example that is still on the hype.


Source: Flower name, from English cognomen

Significance: “Cattley’s flower.”


It is the name of orchids that gained popularity as a unisex baby name once it absolutely was used for the character played by Zoe Saldana in Colombiana. Part Aaliyah, Part Caitlin, and Part Leah, it could be a fashionable selection that simply may rise its popularity. With a spelling variation of Cattleya, the British horticulturalist William Cattley was named. 


Source: French business name

Significance: “candle maker.”


This name can invariably be coupled to 1990s hit TV series Friends. It all depends upon your fondness for the show and character Chandler Bing; however, this name deserves thought on the far side of these connotations: Chandler could be a recent attack on the skilled surname names.



Source: Irish

Significance: “curly-haired”


It has fallen off its Kathie Lee Gifford enthused peak in the 1990s; however, since that notable celebrity baby is currently a grownup and out of the publicity, Cassidy could once more reclaim its Irish charm.


Source: Scottish

Significance: “crooked nose.”


Cameron Diaz has transported this subtle Scottish masculine name into the girls’ side, wherever it’s had on a peak – although it’s never wedged with the boys. Another celebrity, Camryn Manheim (born Debra), also went with phonetic spellings.


Source: French variation of Chauncey


Once a haughty Mississippi gambler type name got the hype since being supported by such celebrity dads as Larry King and Paul Hogan. Chance was also the given name of a famous Rapper and has conjointly boosted the name’s trendiness.


Source: London and New York’s place name


However, it remains getting used; however, it absolutely was rather more widespread some decades ago–it ranked at 15th position in 1992. It initially entered the American consciousness via the character Jane Fonda played in On Golden lake in 1981, and Chelsea Clinton (whose name was galvanized by the lyric of the Joni-Mitchell-Judy Collins song “Chelsea Morning”) became the first little girl.


Source: Latin

Significance: “bright, clear.”


This is the initial, a lot of prosaic spellings; however, the airier Claire currently dominates.


Source: Latin

Significance: “rhythm, beat.”


Cadence’s musical word name looked as if it would take off of obscurity to scale up the charts; it raised over 700 spots from 2002 to 2004 and ranked in the top 200 in 2007. It lost its popularity since then. Some may consider it as a female relative of the common Caden. Kadence and Kaydence are getting popular.


Source: Irish

Significance: “village with crosses.”


Its beautiful easygoing Irish surname with retro musical associations to Bing and Crosby, Nash, and Stills. Crosby Braverman was the name of a personality on the television show parenthood, played by Dax Shepard.


Source: English activity name

Significance: “cart maker or driver.”


One of the popular surname names for boys on its thanks to changing into androgynous, this name accounted into the top 1000 baby names for the first time in 2013 for females. Whereas it sounds masculine in America, thanks to its two-syllable er-ending, therefore, it goes perfectly with boys’ names, several parents may disagree.


Source: Diminutive of any Cal- name


A short kind that may stand on its own, although not all that steady.


Source: different variation of Cameron

Significance: “crooked nose.”


This Cameron variation was promoted by the actress Camryn Manheim and Twitches character Camryn. However, why select Camryn over Cameron? The majority of people know the pronunciation of the initial that has significant vogue and uniqueness.


Source: spelling variation of Charlie


Charlie and its several forms are on the hype and Charley, which relates to a formal male name Charles. Astonishingly though, whereas the girls and boys named Charlie are approximately even, there are 6 times as many girls named Charley than baby boys. This spelling is currently a fixture ranked in the top 600, although it remains less widespread than the female name Charlee.

Over to you!

Let us know which unisex baby name melted your heart and why? Do you think we’ve covered EVERYTHING in the above lists of unisex baby names starting with C? Feel free to ask anything, and we’d be really happy to answer all of your queries.

Happy parenting journey!

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