Unusual Unisex Baby Names that will Surprise You! (Updated- 2022)

If you’re unsure of the gender of your future baby and thinking about a perfect unusual baby name idea, then you’ll find everything you hoped for before clicking on this link.

Searching for an unusual unisex name that functions admirably regardless of what you’re having is a great fit? Look at our unique, uncommon unisex name lists that can be an ideal fit for both genders.

Unisex Baby girl names

So, let’s dive into the sea of unusual unisex names.

Unique Unisex Names with Meanings 

Here, we’ve some of the unique unisex names with deep meanings. Explore these beautiful name picks for your little one.


A popular, short, and charming name, and it intends to be cheerful consistently.


It is a cool English name that signifies “The valley of the eagle.” It likewise has Hebrew origin as a word for the of Eden’s garden.


A cool Greek English name implies defender of humanity.


A positively adorable name pick for your baby girl or a baby boy. This name addresses as fit for finding the right way or achieving the goals.


The most famous name signifies ‘Courageous.’


A remarkable name implies little stream.


A unisex English name implies a bailiff or a justice public official.


The name implies dark & alluring. There are a vocalist and entertainer with a similar name.


A cool name with an ideal meaning of “smart to address an individual character.”


An Irish baby name that implies vigilant or attentive.


An old matured English name which means “who drives the cart.”


An individual from the Clay town. It is among the top famous unisex child names.


It is a Welsh origin name and a tremendous unisex child name that means wise.


An English surname originated from Derby; it signifies ‘deer town’ in Old Norse.


An English name with the significance of ‘east town’ has consistently been a well-known unisex name.


A Dutch name that interfaces with different names that start with Eli is a great unisex name.


An English name, signifying ‘daring and amazing.”


An early English name that has been gotten from Elijah.

Reasons to consider unusual unisex names.

There are plenty of solid reasons to cherish impartial baby names—like the way that you and your partner just need to choose a single name. So it’s nothing unexpected that the absolute most famous baby names in the U.S. can turn out beautifully for both sexes.

Unisex baby names

As indicated by information from the baby name registry from the Social Security Administration, around 70,000 parents chose unisex child names for their newborns in 2015. Furthermore, in 2017, an incredible 15 percent of children birthed in the U.S. were given unisex names, as indicated by figures announced by writer Melanie Mannarino in The Best Gender-Neutral Baby Name Book.

In any case, similar names don’t have a similar prevalence wherever in the country. We’ve used 2019 information from the Social Security Administration to pinpoint the most loved unisex baby names by state.

Boss Unisex Names

FrankieA cool French name signifies “Free one or a Frenchman.” It can likewise be utilized as ‘Franky or Franchy.’
FinleyAn Irish word addresses a Fair-haired fighter. This name can likewise be composed as Finlee or Finleigh.
FlynnThe name signifies ‘Child of the red-haired man.’ An Irish surname was a more famous boy’s name; nonetheless, a few parents picked a similar name for their baby girls.
GeneThe word Gene implies Well Made and begins in English.
GentryThe name Gentry implies Nobility by birth and has English origin. In different terms, it likewise means privileged.
GillianAn English plummet name, and it signifies “energetic.” It is a familiar name these days utilized both for girls and boys.
HaskellAn advanced English unisex child name with a fantastic meaning. The word addresses ‘Insight’.
HavenAn English word signifying “a position of wellbeing or security.” The term sanctuary indicates a port or harbor.
JesseA commonly used English name signifies ‘Well off.’ Baby girl’s name can be written as Jessie or Jessica.
JodyAt first, a pet type of Judy and Judith comes from the Hebrew Yehudit (praise). Jody has currently relegated a free name.
KennedyThe name signifies ‘Helmeted head,’ and this can be composed as Kennedi too. It is a popular unisex name that the sexes have that name.
KensleyAn early English word got from a location, and it signifies ‘clear spring.’
KileyAn adorable name with great meaning. This name will depict the individual too. It signifies ‘savvy and beautiful.’
LandryThis word is new, and it implied a ‘powerful ruler.’ The name is perfect for both baby girl or baby boy.
LennonAn Irish Gaelic word signifies ‘little shroud.’ It is a name of a famous rockstar.
LoganAn English and Irish Gaelic word inspired by a Scottish place. This word signifies a little hollow.
LonnieA German name signifies ‘prepared for the war’ It is an interesting unisex child name.
MemphisA magnificent unisex baby name that implies beautiful and Enduring. This is a Latin word, and there is a locale with the same name.
Monroe           A whimsical Irish name signifying ‘Stream delta or Red marsh.’ An illustrious touch to this regal Unisex name makes it all really engaging!
Nikita it is a Greek and Sanskrit word which implies Victorious or integrity of Victory. It is an extraordinary unisex child name with an incredible meaning appended to it.
Noel   The Term ‘ Noel ‘ signifies “a hymn for Christmas,” and the letter’s translation is Christmas. French individuals wishing one another “Joyeux Noël,” and it means “happy Christmas” or “merry Christmas” across the ocean. You can also write it as Noelle.

Modern Gender Neutral Names

Cute baby girl names
OceanThe word implies the entire water network, which covers almost 3/4 of our globe. You have different ideas to make it rare by adding anything at the end (for example, Oceanus, Oceana, Oceane); it’s all uncommon and unique.
Ode    A charming African Nigerian word implies Born while traveling. It is a short name utilized for both baby girls and baby boys both.
Oswin A novel and Classic decision of the name which means Divine companion.
Peace A beautiful traditional English name with a beautiful meaning. This word implies a finish of war and getting relief from unsettling influences.
Perry  Perrie is a French name that implies a pear tree. Likewise, it is another spelling of the name of the French name Perrie, which is of a similar significance.
Quincy           An old French word that implies the legacy of the fifth child. It is a popular and cool unisex name.
Raphael           This is a Hebrew origin word that implies God has mended. You can also write it as Rafael, Raffael, Raffaello, Raffiel, Raffaele, or Refael.
Regan A Perfect Irish name for your cute little one. This word implies Little lord.
Reilly  A beautiful unisex Irish name that has its specific significance. This word implies an individual is Courageous.
RumiA beautiful unisex Japanese name that means Beauty or stream.
Salem A cool Arabic word with a more profound meaning of harmony and complete.
Sean   This is an Irish name that addresses that the baby is a gift from God. In different terms, the word signifies ‘God is benevolent.’
Skyler A Dutch origin name implies Giving shelter. You can write it as Skylar.
Sterling           A beautiful English name with an alluring meaning. This word implies “pure & High quality.” There are different spellings, such as Stirling, which has a similar meaning.
Terry  Terry is a trendier German unisex name. This name is sweet and lovable, and it likewise implies Smooth. This can be composed as Terrie or Teri.
Toby   An English unisex child name that signifies ‘The decency of God.’ There are numerous alternative methods of composing this word which has similar importance, like Tobey or Tobbie.
Tony   This English unisex name signifies ‘Deserving of recognition,’ and parents from all religions have enjoyed this name. This is a generally most loved unisex name and can likewise be composed as Toni and Tonnie.
UmberIt simply means the shade. This is a French name that can characterize the inner meaning of different shades of life. This likewise a great unisex baby name.
Val      Val is the ideal Latin name if you want a short as well as beautiful unisex baby name. You can likewise extend it to Valentine or Valerie, which implies Strong.
Vesper           A Latin unisex baby name that implies Evening star or supplication. This is a very uncommon and regal name with a brilliant meaning.
Wisdom           A Greek unisex child name that implies Smart or Wise.
WyattThis is an old French word that is gotten from a Fighter. Also, it implies a Small warrior.
Xen     A Japanese unisex name that implies Tranquil or a variant of Zen.
Xoan  A Hebrew originated name, which implies God is incredible. The best name for your cute baby if you are searching for the letter ‘X.’
Zephyr           Zephyrus, the personified westerly twist, ultimately advanced into the breeze, a term for a westerly or delicate breeze, or both. An eccentric Greek word unisex name.

Over to you

Additionally, the famous names will, in general, hit the ground and afterward misfire after a short period, so choose what lasts forever. Consider what your baby’s nicknames will also be. The parents or parents-to-be should like the unusual unisex names because of their everlasting place.

Unusual Baby girl names

Feel free to reach us to let us know your favorite unusual baby name that melted your heart. On that last note, we wish you all the absolute best on this energizing mission of finding the perfect name for your little one!

Happy parenting journey!

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