Viking baby Names

Viking Baby Names

Are you searching for a Viking baby name for your future warrior? We have gathered some of the unique Viking names enlivened by the Viking traditions. However, they are perfect for your little combatant.

Viking Baby Names

Vikings have consistently been a genuinely fascinating society. These Scandinavian sailors are famous for their common assaults, longships, rallying calls, and wild women. Even though the inception of the word Viking is still debatable among researchers, many concur upon “to pirate, to assault.” however, just the individuals who took to the ocean earned the Viking name.

Analysts are consistently finding new parts of the Viking way of life from some time in the past. From their beliefs and conventions to their carpentry abilities and family life, the more we dived into Viking culture, we got to know we need to learn a lot.

Origins of Viking names

The Viking Age is a time of ca 300 years (around 750 – 1050 AD) in the Nordic nations. By at that point, the Proto-Norse language had formed into Old Norse.

Vikings were the Norse individuals (late 8th to late 11th century) belonged to southern Scandinavia (in present-day Denmark, Norway, and Sweden who struck and exchanged from their Northern European countries across vast territories Europe, and traveled from the west to Iceland, Greenland, and Vinland.

Origins of Viking names

Numerous names from the Viking Age were found on old stones. There are different origins for Viking names are, for example, the Landnámabók, a past filled with the settlement of Iceland, Norse folklore, and so on.

What are the Viking baby names?

The term Vikings usually incorporate the occupants of the Norse community during this period in modern English history. The Nordic military, commercial, and segment extension’s remarkable victories profoundly affected Scandinavia’s early archaic history, the British Isles, France, Estonia, and Sicily.

We have compiled many Viking names that have formed into contemporary structures to become more usable. For example, Ingegerd or Ingarta, Ingigerðr is a variant spelling of Ingigærðr. If you are searching for a Viking name for your future warrior then, hold on! You will find your favorite Viking name.

Viking child's name

There are different notches of Viking names to consider; European signs and have inspired most names. Many are a test to articulate, which could mean your youngster would consume their time to correct their name’s pronunciation. The Viking names included in this list are somewhat simpler to spell and pronounce.

Popular Viking names for boys

Numerous Viking names are still famous in this modern age. You might have heard individual names such as Erik, Rune, Sigrid, and Tove in Denmark. The comprised list contains a significant number of the Viking names perfect for your future little trooper.

ÅgeA man who cultivates; ancestor
Aricundying ruler
Arkyninterminable king’s son
Bothe occupant  
Erikutter ruler  
Freyregod of climate
Frodewise and cunning 
Gormhe who devotes god
Gunnar“he who stands alone.”
Halfdanthe half Danish  
Haraldnoble and ruler
Herleifcombatant descendant
Ivarbow trooper, archer
Kårewith wavy hair  
Leifprogeny, beloved
Lokithe trickster god
Magnusbig, mighty
Ødgerwealth and lance 
Odingod of the Viking gods
Ragnararmy law
Roarfame and spear 
Skardewith split chin 
Svendfreeman who is in the provision of another
TokeThor and headdress  
Tor (or Thor)god of thunder and lightning
TorstenThor and stone 
TroelsThor’s arrow  
Ulriknoble monarch
Vidara Viking god; ‘the wide-ruling one.’

Unique Viking baby names for girls

Astraas beautiful as a god
Astridbeautiful goddess, divine strength
Bodilpenance and fight
Ericanoble, forever strong
Estridgod and beautiful
Freya (or Freja)fertility and love goddess
Groto grow
Gudrungod and rune
Herthapowerful women
Hildathe fighter
Ingaof the god Inge
Ingehero’s daughter
Livof life
Randishield or shrine
Rúnasecret lore
Sagagoddess of poetry and history
Sifwife and bride
Signethe victorious one
Sigridbeautiful victory woman
Solveigsubstantial house, daughter of the sun
ThuridThor and beautiful
Toraof the god Thor
Ulfhildwolf or battle
Yrsawild or she-bear

Some uncommon unisex Viking baby names

Histories of Vikings names reveal a massive amount of inspiring Viking names like Arne Lodbrok, Bjorn, and Erling. However, you can simply start exploring to what’s underneath: there is plenty of Norse names from history that can inspire you as your baby’s name; these names are genuinely marvelous. Hold on and  Take a look! 

Aesirfor the gods
Frodewise and cunning
Gisliray of light
Erlinginheritor of the clan chief
Roarrenown and spear
Selbythe village with willows

Most significant Nordic warriors’ and divine god names

If all the above names have not appeared sufficiently rousing, you can discover your desired name in the following list inspired by the Nordic gods and Viking warriors. We firmly believe that you will find the best Viking name for your baby.


Loki is the most popular lords of the Nordic regime. A perfect, unique, and short name choice for your little one!


Odin is known as Lord of the divine beings, father all things considered and venerated as the incomparable god by the Vikings. In addition to other things, he was the foremost legislative leader of Valhalla, the heaven where warriors slaughtered in fight spend their time everlasting.

divine god names


Lord of lightning and thunder, one of the most well-known among the Nordic period. He could send beams with his Mjolnir hammer. Thor is gaining popularity among different countries.  


He was the child of Odin and Thor’s sibling, his job in the Nordic folklore gains significance when Loki killed him. He is the Lord of harmony, of light, and absolution.


Freyr is the Lord of richness, downpour, and the rising sun. Frequently interpreted as Frey, he was the child of Njord and sibling of Freya.  


The Goddess of Nordic folklore that spoke to love and excellence summoned and other things to help ladies in labor.


Frigg is the most significant goddess for being the spouse of Odin. She was famous as a goddess of affection, ripeness, home, marriage, parenthood, and human expressions. Perfect Viking name choice for your little princess!


Nordic folklore indicated that the hidden world’s divine nature was a female half body who managed where spirits went when they didn’t pass on nobly in a fight.


Dazzle God, the sibling of Thor and Balder. One of the most unique Viking baby names idea that everyone will adore!


It is a root word from which you can derive many Viking names. It is an exceptionally inquisitive name that signifies ‘the fighting individual to the body’.

Viking Names for girls with meanings

Scandinavian folklore has many divinities, warriors, and Nordic sovereigns, whose importance is still the most famous Viking names. Most modern parents appreciate these unique Viking traditions so they are more inclined to choose a Viking name for their future baby. Some of the trendier Viking girl names are the following:


In the hereditary Nordic language, this Viking name signifies the “battle of the mythical people” and the jungle’s mysterious creatures. It was the name of the lovely girl of the Swedish ruler.


This is the most common name made by the words out of the hereditary Nordic Adal (respectable) and Borj (save), describing the Viking honorability.


The name originates from the words As (God) and Laug (promised).


One of the most across the board female Viking names in Norse culture is Astrid, which originates from As (God) and Frid (cherished). It was likewise the name of a few sovereigns of the principle Nordic adventures.


This name is an exceptionally famous Viking girl name in antiquated Nordic establishments, and it is still prevalent in Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. It signifies “salvation.”


It is the name of girls of warriors. Actually, “blade” was a name between the holy and the agnostic.


In Old Norse, it signified “love,” and it was a rousing name for baby girl warriors, yet additionally, in warlike situations, it offered name to a chain mail made of silver.

Viking Names for girls with meanings


This name appeared in old Nordic stories of peace. Doubtlessly, it is perfect for your future princess.  


This name stays even right up ’til the present time, exceptionally mainstream in some northern nations and originates from the words drop (pronounce) and laug (promise).


A motivating name of the old Nordic adventures that, other than being wonderful to the ear, has an uncommon significance: what sparkles.

Viking names for boys with meanings

Nowadays, many modern parents tend to consider Viking names for their little ones because of the astonishing Nordic culture. If you expect a baby boy and want to have a beautiful Viking name for your trooper, we have got you covered.

Here, we have some of the popular male Viking names, some of which are trendier among different nations. These much-loved Viking names came either from the Norse warrior custom or from its heavenly and holy origin.


For a long time, this male Viking name was given to kids to favor them with a decent and long life. It truly signified “sacred, blessed.”


Alf was the name a few rulers and warriors of the Nordic regime that had unique language, and it alluded to the mythical people, the whimsical creatures.


it is one of the most well-known male Viking names that signified “he who rules like an eagle.” It might resemble a lady’s name because of its sound, but it the most loved Viking name for boys.


History reveals that it is the name of one of the most renowned Viking warriors who took part in different battles and showed his immense leadership qualities. It is popular in Iceland and Sweden these days.


This Viking name is one of the Nordic warriors’ most familiar names who showed up their brave moves in the combats and won those battles. So, it’s the best choice for your future little combatant!


A few northern warlike clans started to utilize this name as a manly term Axel, which signifies “the father of harmony.”


This name is not much popular these days, yet its popularity reached the sky heights, particularly in the Viking clans used to battle. It signifies “bag, sack.”


One of the most well-known male Viking names, utilized by a few rulers and Nordic warriors, also Ragnar Lothbrok named his son Bjorn.


It is the most-used Nordic male name that got immense popularity among Nordic warriors. It came from Berg (defense) and Ljot (light). Isn’t it a perfect choice for your future trooper?


This traditional Nordic male name which interprets as “life.” Initially, it was a manly name, albeit, in the end, it could likewise be ladylike.


This name belonged to Danish heritage and with warlike old traditions because, in the unique Nordic language, it signified “leader.”

Over to you!

In brief, considering a Viking name for your future warrior is a pretty cool idea! Viking age can hypnotize anyone of this modern age because Nordic people had a rich culture from every walk of life. As we were going into depth of knowledge about Nordic culture, we were amazed at their civilization, and we realized that there’s so much to learn.

We are pretty much sure that you have found the best proper Viking name for your future baby, and we wish you the best of luck for your little trooper to have qualities of Nordic people!

In case you haven’t found your favorite name in our compiled lists, you can put your famous Viking name in the comment section. And we’d be happy to add into our Viking name lists. Comfortable journey with your little warrior!    

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